Can Ontario prove basic income works?

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  1. Franklin Warsh

    The evidence is interesting, and I look forward to seeing the results of Ontario’s pilot projects. I would not be at all surprised to see that a guaranteed income ends up saving the nation money when all costs are accounted for – health, housing, social service administration, disability appeals, etc.

    Even if the costs prove to be a wash or money-saving, I suspect a guaranteed income for all is a political pipe dream. Seniors, sure. Children, single mothers, and the disabled, absolutely. But once society decides that able-bodied adults are no longer required to work, it would take but a handful of media stories about abuse for the entire scheme to be rejected by large segments of the population. Perhaps there’s room for a greatly expanded “jobs bank” program in conjunction with a minimum living wage, where the government guarantees gainful employment. Without that our political system would be reduced to “makers” vs. “takers”. Experience suggests that “makers” are much better at rigging the game in their favor.

  2. G.Williamson

    Our present system does not serve our population well I would hope that the surveys will be well designed ,well administered and will reach a wide spectrum of Ontario residents.The pilot projects must be well located and well explained in order to minimize some of the negative reactions that will invariably follow.
    I certainly hope that this worthwhile project is successful and answers some of the questions as well as provide some possible avenues to pursue .

  3. Darlene kantor

    This basic income would help peaple out of poverty.l live in smiths falls ont l hope we are picked becouse smiths falls peaple are haveing a hard time to pay high rents plus food and hydo costs .and what disabilty gives today only covers rent costs OW don’t even get enough to pay today’s rent cost or are small town in smiths falls alot of are factoryes has thiers no jobs iether.

  4. AVR

    Thank you for publishing this and sharing a link to the survey!

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