Why is Canada so behind in research on climate change and health?

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  1. Cynthia

    I agree. We need more research to focus on the link between global warming and health. We are slow to recognize the benefits of vegetarian diet in diabetes. Vegetarian diet also prevents global warming. We need to study these connections more closely so we can develop policies to protect our environment as well as improving individuals health.

  2. Harold Steves

    One of the most important and most threatened aspects of human health is food self reliability. In 2005 Metro Vancouver established an Agriculture Committee to prepare a food security plan for the region. The first thing we did was ask for an analysis of the situation in BC by the BC Ministry of Agriculture. The report BC’s Food Self-Reliance “Can BC’s Farmers Feed Our Growing Population” (2006) examined the means of providing a healthy diet locally. It recommended that an additional 92,000 hectares of prime farmland with access to irrigation would have to be brought into production. The Agriculture Committee held public meetings and workshops throughout the region and drafted a Regional Food System Strategy which was adopted by the Metro Vancouver Board in 2011 and the Committee was disbanded. Metro Vancouver staff subsequently drafted a Regional Food System Action Plan which was adopted in 2016.

    In the meantime changes in climate and severe weather events have become more evident while threats to our farmland have increased significantly. Only 1.1% of BC can grow the vegetables we need. Loss of the most fertile farmland to industrial development, the Site C Dam, non farm and non food uses, and huge mansions and country estates are threats to a healthy diet and public health.
    Harold Steves, Past Chair, Metro Vancouver Agriculture Committee

    • Sheryl McCumsey

      Thank you for your very important comment which is so often left out of these conversations! I live in Alberta where we grow vast quantities of canola-canola will not feed the world…..in fact most of the pesticides used on these crops are wiping out all insect life. There are many pressures on farmers – climate change, increasing costs of chemicals, damage to soil, loss of pollinators, loss of agricultural land, inability to access funding to start farming – all while we import food from nations facing serious drought, fires, at risk for earthquakes and hurricanes. One day the food truck will not arrive.

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