I’m planning to march for science – maybe you should too

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  1. Ron Worton

    Andreas. Well said and timely. It is a message that should resonate with those who chose evidence over political convenience or personal gain as the basis for decision making. And I point out that Tim Caulfield is not a scientist in the narrow sense of that term, but is a lawyer who thinks like a scientist, critically evaluates evidence and exposes fuzzy thinking that leads to false conclusions. We need more like him in all walks of life. I may join you on the walk in Toronto or Hamilton .

  2. Winston Stairs

    Andreas, timely, apropos and well stated – kudos! Like you, I’m now in my 60’s. Have been apolitical for much of my life and never felt the compulsion to ‘march’ for any cause… until now. This is too critical a matter to simply ignore. I’ll be there.

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