Are wait times for hip replacements in Canada justified — or could they be shortened?

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  1. John Van Aerde

    There is also huge variation between regions within a province. You live on Vancouver Island, the worst region in Canada for knee replacements (only 29% within the target) and second worst for hip (45%) according to 2016 CIHI data. Let’s learn from AB and SK, and improve together…. we cannot rely on political will (courage) only.

  2. Boris Sobolev

    We found that the chance of achieving a better than expected postoperative functional outcome decreased by 8% for each month on the waiting list for hip replacement. Expedited access resulted in a larger proportion of patients with better than expected function 12 months after surgery.

    Garbuz et al. Delays Worsen Quality of Life Outcome of Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty. Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research: June 2006 – Volume 447 – Issue – pp 79-84

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