Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit: what you need to know

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  1. Valerie K Morey

    I would like to know if it happens 50% of the time to Patients Then why the hell aren’t the Families at least pre-warned about it?? This is so messed up for people !! Secrets are not usually the best way to deal with any situation let a lone when someone you love is fighting for their life!! I feel it is a very bad display of bed side manners and this is just UN-Except-able.

    • Vallen

      Yes I agree relations of the patients haven’t aclue what is going on with their loved one in Icu.

    • Niki mckenzie

      I couldn’t agree more with you, especially when you have nurses telling you all sorts of things aswell,….but ABSOLUTELY why on earth aren’t we prepared for this ???!!!???….as you say….inexcusable, & very frightening for family all round .

  2. Todd charske

    Only a week after getting out isn’t bad. How long can it longer?

    Todd Charske!

  3. Anna

    How long does it last when patients have delirium?

  4. Mary gonzales

    My sister is in ICU and she is experiencing this it’s hard to understand what’s going on with her some days she is normal and than she goes back with not knowing
    Thanks for this information
    Mary G

  5. Linda Robarge

    My mother is in ICU for pneumonia, plus she has kidney failure which she receives dialysis.From one day to the next she totally lost all touch with reality.She became mean and swearing, she tried to rip an IV out of her arm.She thought all of her family were in on a conspiracy to kill her because we want her money.She was saying she hated us, we make her sick, that we hate her.It was awful.Will she come back from all this once the infection is gone, they said it is clearing up but I see no improvement.She won’t eat or drink because she thinks there is poison in in.Even the staff there she thinks is out to kill her.

    • Christie Cabal

      My son was on ventilator for ten days and when he got the tube out the next day he started saying I was trying to kill him and I paid everyone in hospital to kill him. The next day was even worse cuz he thought I had a sniper outside trying to shoot him and I was only there to finish the job myself since they didn’t do it yet. I finally had to leave because he was getting so upset. I have stayed away for two days now and I’m sure hoping that he will be different tomorrow. It’s been so hard.

  6. Deborah Gaton

    My sister just went through this very thing. Her children and my other sister and myself were terrified. I agree that family should be warned that this is a possibilty before it happens and not the day after when it was mentioned to us.

  7. Cortney Fiddler

    Im currently going through this with my Grandmother. We should have been warned if it was so common. Our hearts are broken and don’t wish this on anyone!

  8. Maddi

    I am very concerned that none of the articles have sources cited.

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