Patient flow: Why was my mom left in the hospital hallway?

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  • Michelle Muir says:

    I work as a patient representative and I found this article to be very helpful and right on point. I deal with this same problem constantly and it hurts my heart to see patient suffering from sickness waiting for a bed or given the option to be in the hallway. These patients should be known as our Front Line guest or Front Line Patients because they require extra emotion support. We know that every effort is made to give them the clinical attention that is needed but the emotional support must be mandatory so that they feel that they are not forgotten or left by the waist side. There has to be a contingency plan put in place that is followed by a policy that happens when hospital are in situations like this. There are more and more people who are going to the emergency departments and we must be ready on a clinical level and emotional to deal with their own personal and family needs if we are going to save lives and care for people.
    Thank Yo

  • Moe BB says:

    Just one more reason why self-pay options should be available in Canada. Last I heard we are living in a democratic nation, not a communist one. Why does the health care system follow communist principles?

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