Alternative vaccine schedule can be as risky as no vaccines

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  • Wieslawa Derlatka says:

    The article lack scientific credibility . Nobody ever isolated clean virus from human cell. So question is vaccinate against what ghost? The vaccination are not being researched thoroughly for side effects and efficiency.

  • Cathy says:

    I think the terms “anti-vaxxer” and “vaccine hesitant” are not respectful and should be avoided in our dialogue.

  • Lisa Beth W. says:

    The maternal antibodies “are provided as long as the infant is breastfeeding, and remain in the infant only transiently,” says Prof. Julius. The loss of this “passive protection” happens at roughly the same time that the child’s immune system becomes better able to produce its own antibodies.

    And when is that? Some mothers nurse for four months, some for three years, and so on.

    Is Dr. Moore a vaccine expert or involved in vaccine research? How about the members of the CPS who compiled “Your Child’s Best Shot”? How about Andre Picard?

    “Before a vaccine for measles became widely available in 1963, epidemics of the highly-contagious illness would sweep through Canada every few years, infecting as many as 300,000 children. One in five kids who contracted the virus would be admitted to hospital with complications such as high fever, pneumonia, meningitis and encephalitis. One in 1,000 kids would die.” That was then, how about now? “But the recent outbreaks of measles, first in United States and then in Canada, show that group protection quickly breaks down when a sizable number of parents opt out of the vaccination system.” How many of those kids died, and was it proven that these outbreaks occurred because a sizable number of parents opted out? Or were in fact most of the children who contracted measles given vaccinations?

    I’d love answers to these questions, please.

  • Rachel-Anne Kosatsky says:

    If your child received their first vaccines over a year old, do they still need the booster shots at the age prescribed (based on a different schedule)?

    And what if your child only received the 3 shots for DT and Polio? How can they get a booster when Whooping Cough is included?

  • Robert P says:

    Those individuals, groups, or companies that actively engage in noncompliance with vaccination therapy are not dissimilar to the toxic employee.

    Accordingly, it is incumbent upon healthcare professionals to behave in such a manner so as to neither give into or enhance the destabilizing public heath message. Moreover, by demonstration beyond the reactionary and distributing evidence beyond the incidental, health care providers can contribute to elevating knowledge outside the realm of those who choose to debase the unassailable gains of immunization.

    This article, while lengthy in its approach in a world of top ten lists and streaming information, is a testament to the sound judgment and altruistic practices needed to contain those who choose to be pernicious over being preventive.


Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor is a health journalist and former Patient Navigation Advisor at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he provided advice and answered questions from patients and their families. Paul will continue to write occasional columns for Healthy Debate.

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