Travelling to another province? Why you may need private health insurance

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  • Maureen says:

    This needs to change Canadians should be covered for all medical care country wide regardless in which province you reside. It is something that needs to be addressed.

  • Rob says:

    What is the effect of Covid on interprovincial health coverage? Would OHIP still cover you in Quebec or Alberta even though a Travel Advisory exists?

  • Doreen Ni says:

    Thank you for this information regarding health insurance coverage knowing OHIP Covers emergency in public hospital , tests & care medical emergencies in all provinces

  • Chris A says:

    Alberta sucks .


Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor is a health journalist and former Patient Navigation Advisor at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he provided advice and answered questions from patients and their families. Paul will continue to write occasional columns for Healthy Debate.

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