Adult ADHD: A debilitating condition that’s often missed

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  1. Karen

    As the authors suggest, adult AD/HD may be under-diagnosed. But there are a number of diagnoses that mimic AD/HD, including hyperthyroidism, also under/misdiagnosed. Similar symptoms to those of AD/HD are all part of the constellation of symptoms of hyperthyroidism too, including hyperactivity, weight loss, nervousness, moodiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, lack of focus, inattention, impulsiveness, and sleep disorders. Especially in young adults not previously symptomatic of AD/HD, astute clinicians presented with these symptoms should wonder whether there’s more to the underlying story, including undiagnosed hyperthyroidism and associated immunoendocrinological disorders.

  2. Mac

    I had suffered for many years from anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. The only thing so far that has improved my quality of life has been the diagnoses of adhd with a treatment with stimulants. I can get so much more done, when I get in my anxiety cycle I can choose to think about something else. It literally saved my life. I personally feel the social anxiety is learned and the depression is as a result of the consequences of having unmanaged adhd. I have never been able to achieve any of my goals, I now can hardly leave my house got much worse as I had children, I am always losing or forgetting something. I have had more fines for missing deadlines and missing paperwork than I care to admit. My neighbor scowls at me and tried to have my house condemned because my yard is a mess and can’t remember garbage day ( thankfully the by-law officers are far more compassionate than them and reassured me that my neighbor was being over dramtic). Yes the medication helps and the diagnosis allows me to be more compassionate towards myself I clearly have not got it managed or fully treated. So despite being intelligent and creative I am not finding this a whole lot of fun and would desperately like to walk through my community without feeling judged and perhaps reach a goal one day.

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