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Wendy is a freelance health and science journalist and a former staff reporter with Healthy Debate.

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by Wendy Glauser

Integrating care to fill the gap for seniors’ physical, mental health

Mental and physical health are often treated separately, even though they're closely linked. That disconnect can be even worse for seniors, whose care is often fragmented to begin with. But one program is trying to change that.

by Wendy Glauser

The learning health system: An R and D department for local solutions

Health-care organizations don’t usually have R&D departments; instead, researchers typically apply for grants for one-off studies. That’s a problem—but one that could be changing.

by Wendy Glauser

North York Cares: Health team proving value of innovation

The siloes in Canadian health systems can decrease the quality of care patients receive. But Ontario Health Teams are trying to address this problem by bringing primary care, hospital and community providers together.

by Wendy Glauser

Speed and flexibility: Pop-up clinics highlight advantages of learning health systems

The COVID vaccine rollout is a litmus test for the learning health system. It requires speed, well-working collaborations with community members and the ability to adjust on the fly as supplies and eligibility requirements change.

by Wendy Glauser

AI tool ‘fundamentally changes the game’ for ICU care

In our first learning health system case study, we profile an AI program that predicts which patients are at a high risk of going to the ICU. It has been successfully implemented largely because its developers took input from the physicians and nurses who would be using it from the get go.

by Wendy Glauser

Breaking down barriers: Learning health system connects researchers, health professionals and communities

Too often, health-care innovations don’t actually improve health systems – the innovators haven't collaborated with patients, and doctors, and other stakeholders. But a different approach, the learning health system, is trying to change that.

by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Drew Cumpson

Why can’t you access your health record online?

by Wendy Glauser Maureen Taylor Jeremy Petch

Should herbal and homeopathic medicines be regulated like drugs?

by Wendy Glauser Mike Tierney Debra Bournes

Ontario’s ambitious Patients First legislation met with hope and skepticism

by Wendy Glauser Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Should public health nurses visit every family with a new baby?

by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Sachin Pendharkar

Are disposable hospital supplies trashing the environment?

by Wendy Glauser Maureen Taylor

Adult ADHD: A debilitating condition that’s often missed

by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Mike Tierney

Hospital policies put the lives of people who inject drugs at risk, say experts

by Wendy Glauser Maureen Taylor Mike Tierney

Is Lyme disease underdiagnosed or overestimated?

by Wendy Glauser Joshua Tepper Mike Tierney

ECT: Is stigma preventing better care for depression?

by Wendy Glauser Joshua Tepper

Can family medicine meet the expectations of millennial doctors?

by Wendy Glauser Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

Alcohol and pregnancy: Is it safe to have a little?

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