Drug access navigators are a lifeline for cancer patients. But are they also a sign of a broken system?

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  • Warren says:

    I live in Alberta and no one seems to know about Drug Access navigators?
    Are they available in Alberta

  • Heather Hemming MSW, RSW says:

    Thank for this article highlighting the important and complex work of the MRS / DAN team. In Nova Scotia there are three Medication Resources Specialists – two full time staff in Cancer Care and one half time MRS in Rheumatology. All are social workers. There is one full time Drug Access Navigator in Cancer Care who is a pharmacy technician. All of the Cancer Patient Navigators throughout Nova Scotia work on drug access too and it’s true that all of us “work like hell”!


Wendy Glauser


Wendy is a freelance health and science journalist and a former staff reporter with Healthy Debate.

Maureen Taylor


Maureen Taylor is a Physician Assistant who worked as a medical journalist and television reporter for the CBC for two decades.

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