Pharmacare: Why millennials should pay attention

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  • Patient Commando says:

    “And yet, millennials are not mobilizing for universal, pan-Canadian prescription drug coverage in mass numbers.” I dare say that its not just millennials who are not mobilizing. While that in itself is a subject worthy of Healthy Debate the statistics quoted here paint a picture not dissimilar to that which existed in the US prior to Obamacare. Still not pretty there and should be a lesson to Canadians not to be so smug, especially with the growing rates of chronic illness. Hard to imagine how the challenge to one’s mortality is well understood at ages 15-29.

  • Rob Fraser RN says:

    Awesome points Melissa! As an millennial and early-career individual medication coverage is not always a top of mind, as I’ve been fortunate to have relatively good health. For many that are not as fortunate medication coverage (or lack there of) is a significant issue. Choosing between food and medication is not a choice anyone should need to make in Canada. Finding a job that has these benefits early in a career is challenging, and the increasing amount of contract position makes career mobility and possibly advancement difficult.

    Thanks for reminding me that this is not something that is only important for championing for others, it is important for myself as well. Great suggestions for how to get involved and support the issue.

  • Erwin Malzer says:

    Of course, especially considering the impending inter-generational inequities of our ‘pay as we go’ health care system…the greying tsunami costs will largely be borne by younger workers.


Melisa Foster


Melisa Foster works with Global Public Affairs in Toronto and also serves as a Communications, Media and Marketing Lead for Toronto’s Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) Executive.

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