Hospitals discharge homeless patients too quickly

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  • Elliot says:

    Excellent piece that sums up the plight of the homeless in their attempt to access health care. The process is especially dehumanizing, oppressive, and inequitable.

  • Bill O'Leary says:

    Sadly the hospital discharging of our most marginalized and under resourced community members is an everyday occurrence in our healthcare system. There are steps in place in British Columbia which are somewhat more helpful – not perfect but ahead of what we’re doing here in Ontario.


  • Ellen Ryan says:

    Please use local or national statistics. People are completely misled by American outcome studies.

  • Tom Closson says:

    I believe that the Ontario Government should establish a Regulation that requires that patients be discharged from a hospital only if a primary care provider appointment has been confirmed… that will enable better integration between hospitals and primary care providers

    • Charlene Crews says:

      Unfortunately the wait time to connect a homeless client to a new primary care physician in downtown Toronto is often 2+ months. As well, without assertive outreach and community support, getting a client who is homeless to that first appointment can be challenging due to transient lifestyle, shelter changes, lack of a phone or place to leave messages for reminders, disorganization and general chaotic daily life that comes with homelessness.


Stephen Hwang


Stephen Hwang is a practicing physician in general internal medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital and a research scientist at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health (@CRICH_StMikes) in Toronto, Ontario.

Mei Wen


Mei Wen is a second-year medical student at University of Toronto and is completing a concurrent Master in System Leadership Innovation.

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