Hey Canada, let’s stop the homeopathy lie

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  • your mom says:

    If it is just water and sugar it isn’t bringing harm to anyone. Along with that, even if it is just simply the Placebo effect, then it seems pretty powerful. People aren’t stupid- if it isn’t working for them they’ll eventually stop but for the people that see how effective it is, let them use it. Maybe homeopathy hasn’t been proved by science, but people must have seen its effects which is why it still exists today. Besides, most people that say it is not effective, have never tried it.

  • Hamzah Shaikh says:

    Do you believe in GOD or SOUL? If you do, then you believe in HOMEOPATHY. Homeopathic medicines are simply an energy which works at cellular level. It triggers your immune system and makes it strong enough to combat and cure uncurable diseases. Does science believe in GOD or SOUL. Just like our soul inside the body, homeopathic energy is inside the sugar pills or water. Science cannot prove homepathy because there is no technology yet. You cannot see energy by microsope or any camera. The microsopes can only see germs, bacterias, viruses, cells but nothing beyond that. Build me a camera which can see a human soul or anything which our eye cannot see. The truth is homeopathy works like a magic, which can never be seen. It is beyond medical science and this is one of the main reasons why so many people do not believe in homeopathy.

  • David Killawee says:

    First off on an earlier post I make a mistake in calculation, I had listed the minimum dilution factor 10E 60 molecules of water for 30C dilution I didn’t account for the serial dilution being a factor of (100-1) ^ 30, so the actual minimum dilution factor is equivalent to the original sample being diluted into 11,119 Solar Masses of water not 15,003, but if you think that is a saving grace for 30C you’re way off. This is 11,119 times the Mass of the Sun of water that the 1 millilitre of sample is being diluted into, the dilution factor would have been ridiculous enough even if it was only a swimming pool’s worth of water. To give some context all the water on earth is approximately 0.0000000006784 Solar Masses. We’re already at the point where the numbers involved are difficilt to wrap your head around, but homeopathy goes even further than this, and one of the posts has a person talking about the benefits of 200C. Staying in term of molecules of water it takes 4.3832E+122 molecule of water to fill the entire Observable Universe with water, this is in the 62C range. For a full 200C dilution the dilution factor is equal the original sample diluted into to 6.973713E+153 Observable Universes filled with water and again this is in terms of molecules of water which makes it the Minimum dilution factor. If the exponents are a problem then in long form your dilution factor is the original sample diluted into 6,973,713,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Observable Universes filled with water!!!. If you want to believe in homeopathy then fine that’s up to you, but don’t waste anyone’s time claiming that those who challenge it don’t understand science, you’re not only showing your ignorance you’re demonstrating how proud you are of being ignorant. You are clearly the one’s who don’t understand science or mathematical scale. To those of you who talked about your kids, I disgusts me that you would expose your children to this kind of threat.

  • Zardo Nerst says:

    Ironically, T. Caulfield published an article in an alternative medicine journal BMC Complementary (A systematic review of how homeopathy is represented in conventional and CAM peer reviewed journals) where he admits that orthodox scientific journals tend to reject more manuscripts reporting evidence in favor of homeopathy, and accept more those with negative results, thus having a bias against homeopathy.

  • Janakrama Sastry Kanduri says:

    I have been using homeopathy or 50 years for myself and my family. I cannot adequately express my debt of gratitude to the system. In a typical Indian style, I took a picture of Hahnemann and keep it along with a number of Hindu gods. I generally use 200c potency, generally in a single dose, and rarely failed to get a result. Animals cannot underestand microscopic knowledge. So called ratioanlists cannot understand beyond-microscope. A true scientist searches for explanations of observed phenomenon rather than rediculing what science- at-the-moment cannot explain.

    If you have a truly scientific experiment do this simple experiment on yourself and your family and friends: Do rigorous exercise – more than normal – say 3 times more. (not meant for those with health complicatons). When you get a raw, rough, beaten down sensation, take just one dose of ARNICA 200c and see the result for yourself.

  • Yuri Perel says:

    Hey Timothy Caulfield,
    Let’s stop your lie about homeopathy.

  • John says:

    I took a homeopathic remedy prescribed by a professional homeopath. For a numbness I received as a work related injury 20 years ago. I thought it was permanent. After I took the remedy it went away. You need to research homeopathy. It helped me. So I don’t believe you. You are just ignorant of none scientific methods.

  • David Killawee says:

    A placebo has no impact on an actual cancer, the danger lies in the time delay caused by false hope. Many people who could have been saved delayed seeking real medicine in favour of quackery and died because they went past the point of no return. As for the tylenol, that is largely from people not following the instructions on safe dosages and destroying their livers as a result.

  • Ataur says:

    How can plain water harm people or 5 sugar pills harm people when there is nothing in it???

  • Lesley Anne Anderton says:

    Why are you so worried about it .it does well and in an increadable way seeing patients well for the first time I n their lives is so rewarding .it also works well on animals ,they know nothing of the placebo effect .open your mind you will be amazed. You are missing out big time try then you can comment .i feel very sorry for you and hope one day you will have an awakening. Blessings

  • Sandra Dibb says:

    So I suppose that it could be the placebo effect, which in itself can be incredibly effective. If a relatively cheap and harmless substance helps that person, there has been no harm done. Unlike tylenol, which causes hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.

  • Patricia Calderon says:

    As quack as you think homeopathy is. I’m a patient who had the beginnings of ms and through a homeopathic prescription which I did for 6 months religiously my neurologist from St Michael’s hospital was surprised!!! The legions in my brain almost completely disappeared. He asked what I was doing and taking.
    Another the flu busters, are amazing, my self and my kids have seen the remarkable results.

    • David Killawee says:

      The problem is that it’s mathematical quackery. The serial dilution scheme used for 30C dilution means means that the minimum dilution factor is 10 to the power of 60 molecules of water, described another way that if 15,000 Solar! masses of water, that is the scale of the dilution. You could take several Earth masses of Fentanyl, Methyl Mercury, Arsernic, each and dilute them into that much water and it would be perfectly safe to drink, in fact you might struggle to find detectable quantities. Do you seriously believe that a few grams of the raw homeopathic, or any real, medicine diluted into that much water could have any effect? If you’re your one of these people who believes in water memory being a real thing then please note that all life on this planet would have died millions of years ago from poisoning due to the accumulated urine memory.

      David Killawee
      North Bay, Ontario

  • gurwinder singh says:

    homopethic medicine should be bann because its very harfull medicine.my mom expired two month ago .she took homopethic medicine atlest three year.Doctor name is Deepak sreen in kapurthala punjab india.if we take regular one year homopethic medicine then too much side effect.my mom took homopethic medicine at least 3year after that my mom liver totally damage. so homopethic totally banned. its very haramfull.

  • A concerned person who finds homeopathy useful says:

    If it does not work for you please don’t use homeopathy. It has worked for me so please I should have the freedom and choice to use it. If you any talents, please find a cure for COVID-19 using your modern big pharma fraudolacy and leave homeopathy alone.

  • Sky says:

    Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine – that’s what people miss here. Like Reiki or Sound Baths or even Flower Essences – it’s not about how much plant matter is in the remedy – it’s about the energy signature being in the carrier. That might sound like magical thinking to some people but really it’s just an old method of the new physics. My experience is that it absolutely does work for some things – coughs, colds, headaches. I use homeopathic arnica for bumps and bruises with my kids and it works just as well as any other form. When my baby was teething I used homeopathic remedies with great success so – I think, all ‘science’ aside the reason it’s a billion dollar industry is because the people who use it know it works for them. Otherwise it would have died out a long time ago. I think this is a continuing smear campaign against natural medicines and it’s unfortunate that authors like this would seem to want to take away people’s right to choose what works for them and their families.

  • Sherv says:

    After several years of working at a health food store that sold homeopathic remedies, I personally witnessed these remedies work on babies, children, and pets. If we were talking about adults, one could claim the placebo effect, but those babies and pets didn’t even know that they had taken a remedy. These remedies work, period. I witnessed it dozens of times. They worked reliably and predictably. We can’t say for sure how they work, but recent developments in the field of nano science have shown that homeopathic remedies are biologically active, and work is being done to further understand their effectiveness. I also want to add that the statement that no study has ever shown homeopathic remedies to be effective is simply false. Many have (over 100, in fact), you can google it and come to your own conclusions. The best advice I was ever given is to independently investigate everything you believe to be true. You’ll often be surprised.

    • Sky says:

      Yes I absolutely agree and have had the same experience with homeopathy and my kids. I’ve used it twice (under the guidance of my naturopath) to cure pneumonia in my son, which meant not having to use antibiotics. I notice that it works best in conjunction with other therapies like naturopathy and herbals.

  • Abrar Hussain says:

    compare static of Canada the most advance country in treatment and Pakistan total population is 250000000
    total mortality only about 1200 total population who prefer homeopathic treatment in Pakistan is 20 % and 50 % people had experience good evidence with homeopathic medicine no lie can long last remember this law of nature compare the population of other country latest available allopathic treatment and mortality and realize the facts do not make public trapped

  • Mamta Bhatt says:

    Hello there! Absolutely pseudo science, and the homeopaths don’t stop going gaga over ‘science’ behind its application. I m a homeopath from India and utterly disgusted by the way my friends back in India practice and swear by ‘good results’ . General public there is in dark about the ‘nil’ingredients in their sugar pills. What works is psychological manipulation and collective delusion of 2lac practitioners,who are convinced that diluted substance left its spiritual foot prints in water molecule. And through their ‘pseudo psychotherapeutic’ case taking they are supposed to reveal fundamental conflicts, childhood traumas, personality and relationship issues. Since govt medical care is completely lacking in India, private care is costly and psychotherapy is almost unheard of…these ‘spiritual workers’ with a mission and delusion are filling in a gaping hole in health care system, they are compassionate psychotherapists and give ‘safe’ pills and save ppl from chemicals. They are opportunists to jump to encash in pandemics, lifestyle disorders, mental health problems, chronic illnesses. They can ‘prevent’and ‘cure’ almost any illness under the sun, be it congenital anomalies to HIV to Cancers to mental health problems to Covid. Their scope of practice is God’s scope of practice as their pills are spiritual in nature. However they don’t have guts to tell ppl that their methods are not backed by science. Total liars and cheats.

  • Dr. B says:

    Just read Lynn Mctaggart
    The Field Updated Ed: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe Paperback – Jan 2 2008
    This book has a whole lot of science. I believe Homeopathy is possibly a precursor to energy medicine,
    it may not be perfect. I may not be inclined to use Homeopathy for an acute or emergency situation as
    I believe that western allopathic medicine is probably the best choice for emergency, life threatning and infectious
    situations. Does every pharmaceutical work?, absolutley not. You see ads on tv listing possible side effects those are not
    side effects they are major effects. Does all Homeopathy work probably not but I am more inclined to take a do no harm route and try other options. Watch the movie: Placebo cracking the code interesting facts. I believe that science is self evident as long as it fits in the box of science. It is clear that Newton was correct in his observations but Einstein came along and basically said there is more here than Newton could possible see and now we have quantum physics which may be the harbinger for Homeopathic success or lack there of .

  • Lu says:

    I know of people that have been cured from numerous issues. So why not? Also, I know so many people that are on
    so many meds that I’m sure they don’t need. It’s a money grab to say the least. Huge companies making huge money. What did people long ago do?

  • Erl T says:

    Hello industry paid witch hunter. Apparently you are more learned thyan the late Dr, Stephen Hawking who said the answer to why homaeopathy works lies in Physics, particularly nano Nano physics. Dr Suzanne Humphries, MD, Internist and Nephrologist is but one of thousands of MD’s, MD/PHD’s who researched and support Homaeopathy, and, researched for years and support the alarm bells about vaccines. NASA has researched and employed Homaeopathy principals in the health rehabilitation of returning astronauts since the 1980’s. I insinuate they are as well informed as you who achieved a Bachelor of Laws, still a junior certificate in the UK. My point, there are mules for profit in all professions. Anyone who sets himself up as ,” the,” knower of the only truth is as dangerous, IMHO, as the so called charlatans he wishes to save my lesser brain from being duped by.
    I always suss out and paper trail the authors of all papers of ,” fact,” and opinion, including the attention seeking pseudo intellectual gastronoms.

  • Vlatka says:

    There has been an increase in negative propaganda against homeopathy lately – Big Pharma must be worried that it’s profits might go down…
    Hey Canada, let’s stop the Big Pharma lie –
    – that drugs ‘cure’ things – they don’t, they just hide the symptoms and create side effects which require more drugs, which create side effects, which require more drugs…. ad infinitum
    – that allopathy has anything to offer chronic disease
    – that hospitals, pharma drugs and doctors don’t kill and maim people for life at astonishing rates. There have been several incidences in different countries where during hospital closures or strikes, death rates go down!!!!
    – that Big Pharma is not heavily invested in negative propaganda against anything that potentially competes with its profits
    – that Big Pharma gives a damn about people’s health and well-being
    Yes, let’s see an article on that…

    • Lu says:

      I agree. We’ve been brainwashed by Big Pharma. If there is a better way, let’s try it. What can it harm.

  • Inge Roeder says:

    Before you disclaim Homeopathic check the statistics on how many people die from big Pharma drugs as well as from chemo and surgeries. Check how many people have died from Homeopathic treatment. I’m 82 years old and have been using Homeopathic remedies as well my children all my life since I was born in Germany were there was nothing available during the War accept alternative healing. Check the history of Homeopathic it’s older then the poisoning of big Pharma drugs. So get your facts. Are you in the money pockets of the big Pharma.

  • a w says:

    I have been in chronic back pain..crippling for 2 years…tried a variety of things, from chiro to pyscio to canabis oil(cbd) I decided to see a natorpathic dr. He started me on a few formulas…day 2 I was almost pain free. I had stopped the meds the regular dr gave me. each time I start to get a little worse and then I return and I get a new formula and I get better. He used acupuncture too which I am pretty sure western medicine poo poo’ed for a long time. I am almost painfree now

  • User says:

    Knowlwedge is power and without it, its sheer nonsense. Resource yourself positively and rewrite this article in 2 years from now. Ciao.

  • Trace says:

    Homeopathy works even on people who does not believe in it. I have seen a prove of it. Why someone who disagree with homeopathy would write an article about it? Only if someone have interest to shut down competitor. Known tactic!
    Homeopathy much ahead of its time, the world is changing

  • Brujco says:

    Another word that bothers me is “holistic” I went to a pet food store to buy some food for a rescued feral kitten Iand they said they only sold “holistic” products. (in other words twice as expensive.) I went home and tried to look up the word in a few dictionaries. Could NOT find the word. ANYBODY????

  • Victoria Munro says:

    This seems a rather aggressive and heated commentary. I think there are “roots” of pharmacotherapy that are derived from nature, therefore logic states there must be something to supplements. I believe we could also debunk mainstream meds if the average person understood number to treat.
    And, in closing, if s placebo affect makes someone feel better… is that not better than using a drug with side effects?

    • Occam Razor says:

      If you aren’t being disingenuous, you don’t know the difference between naturally-derived remedies and what homeopathy actually is, which is ritual magic from 1796 cloaked in flim flam and ‘natural’ marketing.

  • David says:

    You are so far off base, there are many homeopathic products that work. One example is arnica. It is a topical cream for bruises, sore muscles etc…. Recently after a sports injury I applied this and it has amazing results.

    Most sheep like the author of this article will go out and buy some chemical &^#@! storm cream made from big pharma.

    One of the problems with Homeopathy is it is not being used correctly, it needs to added to water to work more effectively and in certain doses.

    It is a huge conflict of interest that big pharma now funds 75% of Health Care Canada’s budget and the media we are getting is so biased like this guys article as well many natural remedies are being banned by health Canada which really means big phama is threatened.

    Don’t be a sheep Timothy and are you being funded through big pharma?

    Flu shots another scam, how many vaccines are they trying to shove down our throats – media and health Canada/big pharma.

    • Occam Razor says:

      “sheep” blah blah spelling error blah blah “sheep” blah blah “big pharma” “big pharma” blah blah “Flu shots” blah blah “vaccines” blah blah typo blah blah “big pharma”. “big pharma” used five times.

      I hope that saved you some reading time. :)

  • Dani says:

    I would say there is a far greater deception going on with science than there is with homeopathy. I have not taken a single prescription drug since the ‘science’ of getting me well, nearly killed me 36 years ago. I am perfectly healthy and free of any drug addictions because I choose to live a life with preventative care, using homeopathy.
    I don’t believe in vaccinations! It is all bogus. “Science” has far too many side effects which only results in the use of more drugs to counter the side effects.
    Keep your science to yourself and let me trust my homeopath, you crook you!!!

  • SkepticalMed says:

    Another similar take on the ‘science’ of homeopathy:

  • UK Homeopathy Regulation says:

    Do Canadian consumers understand what homeopathy is? It’s a vitalistic belief that posits that invisible, intangible forces called “miasms” cause disturbances in an invisible, intangible “vital force” which leads to physical symptoms. And the remedies contain mystical spiritual energies that bring about healing. I could go on.

    Individual homeopaths and manufacturers of homeopathic medicines rarely mention the mystical aspects of homeopathy. They mislead the public as a result.

    • Dani says:

      You must be taking some kind of prescription drug to come to this kind of conclusion you sicko scientist. Drugs and science are only money making schemes, but seldom give good health results.

      • Occam Razor says:

        “You must be taking some kind of prescription drug to come to this kind of conclusion you sicko scientist. Drugs and science are only money making schemes, but seldom give good health results.” So says the anonymous snark who depends on the products of that science ‘scheme’ to propagate ad hominem attacks, distractions and baseless accusations.

  • zetetic says:

    “Homeopathy doesn’t work and there is no way it could work, at least beyond producing a placebo effect”

    Ironically Timothy Caulfield was a second author of the review about of bias against homeopathy. In the review Caulfield

    ‘We found only 30% of those articles published in CAM journals presented negative findings, whereas over twice that amount were published in traditional journals. These results suggest a publication bias against homeopathy exists in mainstream journal’

    Now, Caulfield show the same bias in the mainstream media with Evience Based Pseudoskepticism.

    • Occam Razor says:

      “Evience Based Pseudoskepticism” You can’t even spell your imaginary bogey-man correctly.

  • judy scopelleti says:

    While you are at it, ban all chemicals we are convinced to inject into our bodies. Chlorine, flouride… bla bla bla. The point is the ‘ban all homeopathy’ as it doesn’t work also applies to so-called mainstream medicine..

    • Occam Razor says:

      “point is the ‘ban all homeopathy’ as it doesn’t work also applies to so-called mainstream medicine”

      Thanks for your unsupported assertion. Care to provide evidence for it, or at least some kind of hypothesis that might convince the many millions who think that they were cured by mainstream medicine that they are, in fact, still sick, injured or actually dead?

  • Zap says:

    While you’re at it, add the yearly flu shot to this list.
    The flu shot has been proven as ineffective as placebo several times already, yet quacks still offer it up, year after year.

  • zet1 says:

    “Homeopathy, a practice meant to treat disease symptoms through non-existent doses of substances that (allegedly) produce similar symptoms,”

    False, tipically the OTC homeopathic drugs are based on low dilutions below the Avogadro number. As example, the low decimal potencies as 1X, 3X or 6X may contain the original substante in minimal quantities:

    1X = 1/10
    3X = 1/1000
    6X = 1/1000000

    In the case of super avogadro dilutions, some physicochemical evidence reveals alteration in structure or water-ethanol homeopathic dilutions, under controled conditions. Examples:


    Then, the “implausibility” of superavogadro dilutions is a tipycal propaganda based on the web opinions of pseudo-skeptics lobby groups.

  • Nelda says:

    In this article, we have one man’s point of view bashing our right to choose; suggesting that you and I, haven’t the intelligence to research our way to resourced basic self-care. I am not intending to bash the conventional medical system, or promote homeopathy, but like any existing healing knowledge; each has its moments of brilliance and moments of limitation

    Homeopathic remedies have been part of our global historical legacy for over two hundred years; botanical remedies for hundreds of years. If you are Aboriginal, Asian, or use Traditional Chinese Medicine, then you have a proven legacy of thousands of years of study and use. The real truth about healing is that our body is designed to heal itself. There are countless ways and means under the sun to support the body’s healing efforts; all of them having value under the right circumstances. With that in mind, when shopping for any product or service, I claim the right to choose what works best for me.

    • Rita says:

      Well said Nelda! Thank you!

    • zet1 says:

      Yes, I agree. The pseudo skeptic (CSICIOP) pro paedophilia (False Syndrome Memory Foundation) and pro herbicides (Genetic Literary and Science 2.0) international lobbies want block all type of research, funding and knowledge of homeopathy.

      • Occam Razor says:

        Next time work in the moon landing hoax, the 9/11 inside job, Pizzagate, and the so-called ’round Earth’ conspiracy. You don’t want those belief groups left out of your mutual confirmation bubble and it’s feel good effects.

      • Zardo Nerst says:

        Occam Razor: What do you have to say regarding the false memory syndrome foundation being closed in 2019? In fact, the “scintific basis” for false memory syndrome are similar to the “Parental Alienation Syndrome”: both are propaganda. https://www.madinamerica.com/2021/02/false-memory-syndrome/

    • Dani says:

      Point well made.
      Does anyone wonder why some remedies has lasted through the decades and beyond? No they don’t because they can’t explain that something works without the science bias. Sometimes a remedy has many natural properties that are actually good for the body and creates no side effect.
      Start ingesting the crap they call ‘scientifically proven for efficacy’ and we get sick!!

      • Occam Razor says:

        “Does anyone wonder why some remedies has lasted through the decades and beyond? ” Argument from tradition and antiquity. It’s predictable when there just isn’t any real evidence for it.

    • Dani says:

      Such a great post. You are so right!!
      Of course, someone would argue if science was not there to validate the claims of the remedies used for hundreds of years, it must be mystical.
      I’m with you . . . We must fight for our right to choose and not let the scientist deceive us with their addictive bad drugs.

    • Occam Razor says:

      Argument from antiquity. Deliberately confusing homeopathy with herbal medicines.
      “If you are Aboriginal, Asian, or use Traditional Chinese Medicine, then you have a proven legacy of thousands of years of study and use.” I’m Aboriginal, and all I see is an attempt to confuse and mislead. The only thing centuries of use prove is centuries of use. All your sentence means is that there is proof (debatable, at best) that some undefined traditions have had study (not defined) and use (not defined) over periods spanning thousands of years. It still doesn’t mean anything like evidence of effectiveness.

    • Occam Razor says:

      “Homeopathic remedies have been part of our global historical legacy” So was the explanation that lightning was the weapon of an angered Zeus.

  • marla macphee says:

    Living in a world of “fadulous” science I think it very hard to tell the difference between legitimate research, purchased research and actual scientific (peer reviewed, reproducible results by non biased parties) is becoming more and more difficult. I think absolutely these should be label appropriately, that doesn’t mean all Naturopathy is fake, unhelpful or bad, if it makes you feel better do it so long as it is with full disclosure and consent who am I to judge. Most people are not like me I check how many time something has been researched, what was the sample size, who did it consist of and if the results were consistent and reproduced by other researchers.

    • Occam Razor says:

      Nice pursuit of the false equivalence there. Keep up the sowing of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
      Just kidding. Spare us.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am tired of hearing the term “evidence based” research as being the backbone of what I should take for my illnesses. As a sufferer of Lyme Disease, I’m well aware of how the “evidence” can be skued and presented to “fit” the presenter’s objectives. In the case of Lyme, a vaccine that was supposedly researched and tested in advance was offered to the general population in the early 90s and very quickly removed because it caused more harm than good and one of the main researchers who set the guidelines for treating Lyme disease had then joined forces with a company who developed a test for lyme and was about to launch. Coincidence, I think not!

    Medical researchers and Dr’s are pawns (all be it, in the medical field, well paid pawns) in the game of greed played by those tied to big pharma. Much research is not made public because it doesn’t fit pharmas or the powerful organizations such as AMMI and IDSA and CDC plans.

    In the end, getting well, whether prescribed, drugs or naturopathic remedies is all a crap shoot. That was pretty much proven for me, two weeks ago, when my brother in law, was brought into hospital and diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma. 11 expert medical consults were brought in, and, as it turned out 4 groups all had different ideas on what to do….each could cite their own reasons based on their evidence based research. My brother in law died 8 days later…so much for the experts and their research.

    In the end, I am not tied to homeopathic remedies any more than I am for medical remedies. Like I said, its a crap shoot so I find, for me, and what I encourage the general public to do, is do their own research, do their homework and pick what they believe is best for them whether it be a medical solution or homeopathic. The end result may turn out to be good, bad or indifferent, but, at least, they wont be following blindly like sheep, those who really are only in it for the money.

    • Shonda says:

      I totally agree. There is so much coming out now that we all should question “evidence based” research as it is so skewed and presented in a way that isn’t accurate. You can make just about any study show what you want. I don’t use homeopathy but I really struggle with this push to regulate and take away the choices that the public want. Big pharma and conventional medicine is not and shouldn’t be the only option for the public. I personally am getting more and more nervous with the controlling “big brothers” out there whose main purpose is to make money.
      Just be careful who you trust on either end of the spectrum

      • Dani says:

        I agree with you. So much of the ‘evidence’ is bought by the big pharmaceutical companies. This is scary as they are, as you say, only interested in money. They are getting to be like the tobacco companies were in the 60’s and 70’s with not a pretty picture shaping up in the distance.

      • Occam Razor says:

        Ah, conspiracy theory and fear mongering targeting the big bad corporation again. Your usual substitute for more than 200 years of no evidence for homeopathy.

    • Occam Razor says:

      “…they wont be following blindly like sheep…” Nice straw man you have there.

    • zet1 says:

      I agree, Edzard Ernst is a big hoax and fraud. Ernst was catched in the act!

      -Ernst is not a trained homeopath. He lied in a British Medical Journal review.
      -Ernst change the assumptions about of evidence, this is called the falacy of goal post.
      -Ernst is the classical “spy”. When he came in the homeopathic circles, was a loudly member of the James Randi Foundation (part of prodeophilia False Memory Syndrome Foundation lobby group). In 2011 was awarded with CSICOP prize, in 2015 was awarded with “Maddox prize” in collaboration of Nature Publishing Group and the UK lobby Sense About Science, pro lobby GMO and Big Sugar corporation. The big media promoted the Ernst viewpoints in strange manner, this media includes The Telegraph, The Guardian, Spectator Health and ElPaís.

      More information:

      About of James Randi paedophile trust:

      • Occam Razor says:

        Your blatant smear job doesn’t bring you as much credibility as it may seem it does from inside your bubble of confirmation bias.

  • Dr. Nancy Malik says:

    The researchers and scientists all over the world are trying to figure out how ‘super-Avogadro dilutions’ in homeopathy which contains extremely low concentration of active ingredients are able to stimulate biological activity (immunological and inflammatory reactivity) and pathways and restore the homeostatic mechanism?

    Homeopathy is wholistic medicine. It agrees with the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Homeopathic medicine is for the patient/sick person/individual not just for the disease

  • Christa says:

    My son never once cried from teething and I gave him no medical pain killers, only Boiron homeopathy ampoules. I’m a chemist, but it doesn’t make me narrow minded. I tried it. It worked. Likewise with their flu remedies. I don’t get why others have this vitriolic hatred for some people using what works for them.
    Pharmaceuticals harm lots of people. Homeopathy does not. What is your motive?

    • Jason says:

      Here are 400 cases where homeopathy harmed people…

      That took me 8 seconds of googling. Additionally, many insurance plans cover homeopathy, despite no evidence that it works. This means that you’re paying more in many cases for supplementary health insurance than you need to be. That’s also a harm, especially when taken in aggregate. That’s insurance coverage that could be going to evidence-based treatments that actually work.

    • Gillian says:

      My four children also never cried from teething and I have the absolutely nothing – I tried it and it worked- it’s a miracle

  • Dr. Marilyn Marshall says:

    Thanks for this excellent post about homeopathy, and for your support for evidence based practice!

  • Harman says:

    I agree that there is compelling evidence that homeopathy does not work any better than a placebo. However if you are able to cure/alleviate something with a placebo, why do for a drug therapy? We always look for nondrug measures to treat something minor, we don’t get antivirals for a common cold.

    I am leaving my biases aside and presenting a fair point. I’d love to hear your views on it!

    • Étienne says:

      The worries here are not about someone feeling a bit sick from a cold and ingesting something thats does only a placebo effect, the person will feel better and everyone is happy (especialy the homeopath who sell sugary water to people seeking help without telling them its been proven to do nothing except make them feel better, say like water and sugar mixed at home); the real issue is for people who have illness that could be aviated or cured with known to work therapy and are targeted by alternative medecine pratictioner who don’t have their patients health in mind but their wallets. These people put their trust in the hand of those pseudotherapists and are failed, without any repercussion from anyone, because homeopath don’t have a regulatory body to make them accountable of their action, they don’t have to tell the gouverment that their patient who had cancer just died of neglect. And why don’t they have a redulatory body? Because if you test homeopathy, it failes everytime.

      also, any illness that could of been cured or symptoms alleviate with a placebo and no medecine anyhow does indeed need not be treated with medecine as a responsable health pratictioner would suggest. It also implied that a good lemon tea, a hot bath and rest would work as well as the placebo. There is no need for people to give away their money for an illusion of care.

      Hope this will help you!
      With all respect,

    • Occam Razor says:

      ‘Free choice’ is one thing, using taxpayer-funded institutions to lend credibility to bunk is a very different matter.

  • Tammy says:

    Who funded this article? Which lobby group made this happen? Could it possibly be one or many of the big pharma companies?

    Like drug companies claiming a drug works, only to find out later, the drugs side effects have worsened an individuals health, some people in homeopathy make false claims too.

    Drugs were initially developed from herbology and homeopathic remedies.

    This is clearly a financially based argument.

    • Jason says:

      ^ This comment is being funded by big homeopathy. Nobody listen to this person, she’s in the pocket of the ginseng farmers association.

      That was a joke. This next part is serious: you should be more worried about homeopaths trying to profit off your worry than pharma companies. The pharma companies at least have to be able to prove their products work before they sell it. Natural/Homeopathic companies don’t have to do this.

      As for the second statement, that drugs are initially developed from herbology and homeopathic remedies, you’re half right. Plants can be medicine, yes, but homepathy is not. Once herb-based remedies have been tested, and have been found to have a beneficial effect, they’re just called “medicines.” Doctors stop calling them “alternative therapies” and they just become therapies. The key step is testing; homeopathic remedies are NOT remedies, because they consistently fail the testing phase.

    • zet1 says:

      The lobby advocacy group is called pseudoskeptics sect.

      -Comitte for Skeptikal Investigation (before CSICOP)
      -False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF)
      -Quackwatch lobby
      -McArthur Foundation
      -Center for Inquiry

      -Mumbai Rationalist’s Association

      -Nightingale Collaboration
      -Sense About Science




      -Friends of Science

      -Rationalist group

      -Círculo Escéptico Argentino
      -Círculo Escéptico Argentino Posadas

      Former Lobby blogs
      -Science 2.0
      -Genetic Literacy
      -Science Based Medicine
      -Edzard Ernst blog
      -Zeno’s blog (Alan Henness blog)

      a) USA
      The Economist

      b) UK
      The Guardian
      Spector Health

      c) Spain
      El País
      Redacción Médica

      d) Mexico

    • Occam Razor says:

      “Drugs were initially developed from herbology and homeopathic remedies.” Bollocks. You are confusing herbal remedies with homeopathy, a very different thing. Disagree? Then reference the specific modern medicines derived from homeopathy and outline the connection for each.

  • Bruce says:

    Everyone should post this article to their MP’s facebook page!

  • Juan Palacio says:

    The abscence of proof that Homeopathy works does not proof that it doesn’t… in other words: how could you test an out-of-the-usual-dimensions therapy through conventional means???

    • Colin says:

      You can test any therapy using conventional means. It’s not rocket science. Give X sick people the therapy, give X people a placebo, and use some form of statistical analysis to determine if there’s a significant difference. Even if the therapy were magic, a properly designed experiment would show that it’s beneficial, which has not happened in the case of homeopathic remedies.

      • Dr. Nancy Malik says:

        Null hypothesis is presumed to be true until statistical evidence nullifies it. Use either probability-value or Odds Ratio. Both are complimentary of each other.

    • Vanessa Milne says:

      Homeopathy actually has been thoroughly researched through the kind of controlled trials that Colin mentions, and that research is proof that it doesn’t work. If you’re interested, you can find a summary here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20402610 or the research on specific medical issues here: http://www.cochrane.org/search/site/homeopathy.

      • Dr. Nancy Malik says:

        Out of 164 high quality papers published between 1950-2011 (inclusive) on RCT in 89 medical conditions
        1. 137 are placebo-controlled & 27 other-than-placebo controlled studies
        2. 71 (43%) papers reported +ve findings, 9 (6%) were negative; 80 (49%) were non-conclusive; 4 (2%) contained non-extractable data.
        3. Out of 137 placebo-controlled studies, 41 are on individualised homeopathy and 96 on non-individualised homeopathy
        4. In 32 out of 89 disease conditions, there has been replicated research (2 or more RCT).
        5. In 22 out of 32 disease conditions, the results of replicated research were statistically significant.

        Check for 168 full text papers at http://drnancymalik.wordpress.com/article/scientific-research-in-homeopathy/

      • Occam Razor says:

        “…there has been replicated research” Whatever that means. If Beavis mimics Butthead, it doesn’t make it valid.

      • Victoria says:

        Of course, link us to a “government” website which also tells us to get vaccinated. Did you know vaccinations have been declared as “unavoidably safe”?
        How many homeopathic remedies have killed and/or disabled someone?
        I’m not a homeopathic user but someone who has been doing some research and quite frankly, am skeptical of our conventional ways when it comes to health care.
        Personally feel we are all in big trouble if research is not done.

    • Hawley says:

      Studies are performed on everything from chemo therapies to blueberry juice. There is always a comparison to no treatment or best known treatments or both. There is no lack of proof, there is very clear findings that show these products do NOTHING, and using them in place of effective treatment is putting peoples’ health at risk

    • Loud says:

      You can test based on the effectiveness of what it is supposed to do. Homeopathy doesn’t work in most cases using proper scientific methods to measure it.

    • Occam Razor says:

      Thanks for this fine example of special pleading, a logical fallacy used by those who need special rules because their ideas don’t stand up to normal testing. It’s ‘Special Ed’ for concepts.


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