Quebec’s family medicine groups + super-clinics = an equation that doesn’t add up

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  • Lesley Barron says:

    Completely agree that trying to get patients to appropriately triage themselves into different levels of care is not going to succeed. As a surgeon, I see people who need emergent surgery. Sometimes these patients have been to see multiple levels of care (GP, walkin, pharmacist, telehealth, urgent care, etc etc) over sometimes days or weeks before they end up where they need to be, which is the emergency room. It would be better to have fewer levels of care ie only primary care (which would need to be robust) or the ED for patients to choose from.

  • dom says:

    gp’s are everywhere, but once the problem is found..it takes 6 months to get it fixed by a specialist…this is sad and painful


Michael Kalin


Michael Kalin is a family physician and the Medical Director of GMF Sante Kildare, located in Cote Saint Luc, Quebec.

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