Combining organ donation and medical assistance in death: considering the ethical questions

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  1. Margaret

    As a life-long supporter of euthasia I am quite horrified by this article. Much work still needs to be done on the issue of MAID to ensure that it is available to all who feel they need it and to bring our laws in line with the Supreme Court ruling. Once that task is concluded and working well, then we could look at the issue raised here. I do not feel that this is the time to be intertwining these issues in the public’s mind as it might well cloud the issue of MAID and raise fear issues that have nothing to do with euthanasia. Organ donation in relation to MAID is a separate issue at the moment and one that can be raised later after much thought and public discussion. I realize that this is a pressing issue for transplant Drs. but one that should not be raised at this time in the struggle to gain the right to a peaceful death for those who wish it.

  2. Margaret

    I sent a comment and wonder why it was not published.

    • Karen Palmer

      Hi Margaret – hopefully it’s appearing now. Sometimes comments end up in our spam folder.

  3. Margaret

    This discussion is much too premature. Let’s get MAID to conform to the Supreme Court ruling and working well. Bringing up this issue at this time will only discourage people from using MAID. Those who wish to donate their organs are free to do so but discussions like this at this time are repulsive and will turn people from availing themselves of MAID. This discussion only raises fear.

    • Sharon


      I have been directly involved in this process of organ donation after a MAID ‘provision”, which is a preferred tern to ‘euthanasia”. Margaret, I feel that to use the word, ‘repulsive’ when discussing this matter is only revealing where you personally stand on the topic, and opposed to looking at the issue objectively from all perspectives. Indeed the perspective with most importance is neither yours nor mine, but that of the altruistic patient who has requested to give such a valuable gift during such a difficult time.

  4. Maureen

    I would sure like to see all our organ donation systems change to “opt out” rather than the current “opt- in” ones. I think it is currently an “opt out” system in one province. Then both of these programs could take place with far less complication.

    • LA Republican

      Would agree with Maureen that organ donation is “opt out” rather than currently “opt-in”. Regarding Euthanasia and organ donation, it seems only logical if people choose to be euthanized, that they would or could provide a service to others to donate their organs.

      It is only a matter of time until all states adopt the dignity in death option of euthanasia, and subsequent organ donation euthanasia.

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