Indigenous health services often hampered by legislative confusion

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  1. Kim

    Very nice to see FNHMA included in this article. Their work is hugely important.

  2. Fancy

    There is a minor correction to make: Doug Kelly is the Chair of the First Nations Health Council (FNHC), which is a different entity from the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). FNHC is comprised of the political leadership (Chiefs) who are active on health governance, and they are a sister organization to FNHA, which is a service provision and delivery organization. FNHA has a CEO and a Board of Directors at its helm.

  3. Rose

    There are many comments out there about available funding for First Nation Citizens, our poeple continue suffering as the funding ‘apparently available’ never reaches at the level of First Nation Citizens.
    And First Nation leaving off-reserve ARE NOT receiving support.

  4. Lucey Baggio

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