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Karen is the Destination Development and Marketing Coordinator at The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward.

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by Karen Palmer Jeremy Petch Debra Bournes

What it’s really like to practice medicine in the U.S.

by Karen Palmer Joshua Tepper Michael Nolan

Indigenous health services often hampered by legislative confusion

by Karen Palmer Debra Bournes Maureen Taylor

Room for improvement on patient surveys

by Karen Palmer Jill Konkin Michael Nolan

House calls on the rise in Ontario

by Karen Palmer Sachin Pendharkar Timothy Caulfield

Does eating more probiotic bacteria really make us healthier?

by Karen Palmer Christopher Doig Jill Konkin

Does more education for health professionals equal better patient care?

by Karen Palmer Mike Tierney Debra Bournes

Colorectal cancer screening can save lives – so why don’t more Canadians do it?

by Karen Palmer Maureen Taylor Francine Buchanan

Grief a lonely place in the health care system

by Karen Palmer Sachin Pendharkar Francine Buchanan

Can Endgame Tobacco radically reduce cigarette smoking?

by Karen Palmer Joshua Tepper

Patient engagement a new frontier for drug makers

by Karen Palmer Mike Tierney Joshua Tepper

Can an essential medicines list fix drug coverage gaps?

by Karen Palmer

Rob F

by Karen Palmer Sachin Pendharkar Jill Konkin

Is family medicine residency too short and too urban?

by Karen Palmer Francine Buchanan Mike Tierney

Are home care complaints being heard?

by Karen Palmer Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Preparing for Pot: Unanswered questions remain around legalizing marijuana

by Karen Palmer Mike Tierney Christopher Doig

Can healthcare do better for people with multiple chemical sensitivities?

by Karen Palmer Timothy Caulfield Maureen Taylor

Is Canadian research falling prey to predatory journals?

by Karen Palmer Sachin Pendharkar

Sick and tired: How can hospitals help patients get the sleep they need?

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