Room for improvement on patient surveys

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  • sam plover says:

    I’m not sure when Medicine became such bureaucracy. I fill no papers out, I know exactly what happens. It is a pretend process, we know this because those ratings have been around for a long time and things actually get worse. Medicine has become a sort of belief system where every employee joins the church, and even if they have different beliefs, in order to belong, you discard your own beliefs, quit or get fired.
    I remember trying to get heard by a ‘patient representative’ and after just a few words I could feel the built up defenses in the representative, and I knew exactly who paid her wage and who she was representing.
    It’s would be laughable, but it is so real and powerful that it is unbelievable such power exists in todays supposedly more enlightened world.
    I just keep wondering what mental malady afflicts persons that turn the other way, and hide behind power, to the cost of patients. Who employs doctors? The government. Where does that money come from?
    It would be wonderful to see an enlightened country such as Canada to change the existing status quo. I am not just a patient, I am your equal as a human being and I am also well informed.
    Let us save paper and ink, all it might lead to is a 40 year study on the subject of patient satisfaction, with meetings and coffee and possibly a patient speaker (just to make it look real) :)
    Oh I do sound disgruntled and lord knows, medical staff have a tough job, I do not envy it.
    But don’t we all wish that our children and grandchildren would not have to feel a need to fill out a commentary letter?
    Does medical staff wish their offspring would get the care that they themselves give to their patients?
    I think a good restaurant is one in which the cook makes the kind of food with the kind of care that he himself would like to eat. And a good restaurant is also one that reacts to dissatisfaction in a manner that makes the customer want to come back. But then restaurants are not in business because of starving people.
    Business based on need, often result in greed.

  • Annette McKinnon says:

    Good to see people looking at patient survey issues, and the lack of effect that we often notice after filing these out. I do notice one error though. Brian Clark is the Chairperson of Patient Advisors Network.


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