‘Woman, Black’: Chika Oriuwa reflects on her experience as a woman of colour in medical school

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  • Joshua Broermann says:

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  • Jo Bacon says:

    Like a diamond.

  • Amy says:

    So well done! Thank you for making this and sharing your talents (medical and poetic!) with the world. :)

  • Joan Eakin says:

    Stunning, and very thought-provoking, Thank you. Like a previous commentator, I too would like to be put on your future patient list! I am a professor emerita at U of T, a woman, and as white as they come, and wiser for this piece of art and moving performance. Much luck on the road ahead.

  • Yuri khamale says:

    Powerful Dr. Chika. Bless you keep going

  • Maureen Ott says:

    Very powerful. Thank you. Can I be your patient when you graduate??

  • Victoria Reedman says:

    Brilliant poem! Powerful. Beautiful. Important.

  • Amy Pritzker says:



Chika Oriuwa


Chika Stacy Oriuwa is a medical student at the University of Toronto who is completing her MD/MSc with a concentration in System Leadership and Innovation. She has a keen interest in health care reform pertaining to the intersections of race and gender within medicine.

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