Why patients pay taxes on medical marijuana—and have trouble getting it covered by insurance

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  1. Rachel

    I’m tired of the attitude that patients are stupid and doctors and other professionals need to think for them and make decisions for them.

    Medical cannabis for medical use should not be taxed. Licensed producers are already overcharging for a poor quality product.

  2. Rachel

    Why can’t readers write comments after Faces of Healthcare articles? Please change it so readers can leave comments.

    Thank you.

  3. al k

    if its prescribed its a medicine and should be covered

  4. Thomas Walker

    I find cannabis to be very beneficial. My mood is better. My mind is sharper and my disabilities are greatly helped. It’s greatest benefit is to the mind and it’s condition. For myself, I find life considerably more comfortable when using THC. And, since the mind is the epicentre of all that is real, the life value of this wonderful plant is precious.
    It should not be taxed as a medical benefit and should be sold at low cost to the people living in near poverty or lower. Government greed should be absent in its’ sale of Medical cannabis.
    We people of low incomes have no one to look to for assistance. Therefore we have no say in…anything!

  5. Bill

    Another liberal money grab I hope all those liberal clowns get a disability and need to deal with no coverage oh wait Justin will help them and any other new illegal that enters our country but not a born and raised Canadian keep stringing people out on opioids u bunch of clowns

  6. Sher

    Personally I find this whole legalization frustrating for people whom use cannabis for medical use rather than recreational. I have used cannabis oil and CBD for last 2 yrs to help with chronic pain and arachnoiditis. Prior to it I was on very heavy does of Oxycontin, morphine, Tramadol…you name it, I’ve been on it.. I never felt well on Opiates. They made me tired, dizzy and life-less. The cannabis gives me hope. I don’t feel drugged out ,I can think and I’m able to do more than I could on Opiates. Sadly the high cost of cannabis via federally run companies is very expensive and is taxed. I don’t take the amount I should as cant afford to. Yet Oxycontin and other opiates are covered. How is this even fair?? Then lets add on taxes!! I feel the medical uses are getting screwed over here.

    • Jayney

      I feel Medical cannabis should be covered if it’s a medication !

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