Can Canada curb its too-high drug prices?

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  1. Patricia Lawrence

    It’s about time there was some positive movement in this area. At age 71 I am still working part-time to keep my extended medical benefits. I am taking 6 medications, and if I were to retire, I would not be able to afford 3 of them because of the expense. I am exhausted. My health is not good, and I would really like to retire, but I can’t afford it. The drug prices are a big part of this. If I did retire, I’d have to stop taking at least 3 of my medications. If I stop taking them, I would likely die fairly soon. I find it outrageous that as a senior who has worked hard all her life and paid taxes, that this is how I am treated by the Canadian (specifically BC) health system.

  2. sushila

    agree with morgan – The kind of thinking in these new regulations, especially the value-for-money component, is helpful in protecting not just individual consumers, but the system as a whole from being abused,

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