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Jeremy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and has a PhD in Philosophy (Health Policy Ethics) from York University. He is the former managing editor of Healthy Debate and co-founded Faces of Healthcare

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by Sabah Khan


by Alison Lai Jeremy Petch Serena Thompson

Twenty years of patient surveys: What’s not working and how to improve the process

by Gerhard Dashi Zeeshan Ansari Jeremy Petch

Do hospital innovation hubs live up to the hype?

by Noam Berlin


by Vivian Tam

Hunter and Sitara

by Andreas Laupacis


by Andreas Laupacis

André Picard

by Andreas Laupacis


by Andreas Laupacis


by Andreas Laupacis


by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Drew Cumpson

Why can’t you access your health record online?

by Vanessa Milne Jeremy Petch

Can Canada curb its too-high drug prices?

by Karen Palmer Jeremy Petch Debra Bournes

What it’s really like to practice medicine in the U.S.

by Andreas Laupacis


by Andreas Laupacis


by Vanessa Milne Francine Buchanan Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

How patient stories are re-shaping health care

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

The suicide gap: Why men are more likely to kill themselves

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

Emergency room overcrowding: causes and cures

by Vanessa Milne Jeremy Petch Mike Tierney

Medical research: One size doesn’t fit all

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