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Jeremy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and has a PhD in Philosophy (Health Policy Ethics) from York University. He is the former managing editor of Healthy Debate and co-founded Faces of Healthcare

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by Andreas Laupacis

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by Karen Palmer

Rob F

by Vanessa Milne Jeremy Petch Mike Tierney

Home dialysis is the future. Here’s why.

by Andreas Laupacis

Paul K

by Vanessa Milne Debra Bournes Jeremy Petch

Why antioxidants aren’t as healthy as you think

by Karen Palmer Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Preparing for Pot: Unanswered questions remain around legalizing marijuana

by Andreas Laupacis

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by Andreas Laupacis

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by Andreas Laupacis

John F.

by Andreas Laupacis


by Vanessa Milne Jeremy Petch Maureen Taylor

From battles to journeys: changing how we talk about illness and cancer

by Wendy Glauser Maureen Taylor Jeremy Petch

Should herbal and homeopathic medicines be regulated like drugs?

by Andreas Laupacis

Linda W

by Wendy Glauser Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Should public health nurses visit every family with a new baby?

by Andreas Laupacis

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by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Sachin Pendharkar

Are disposable hospital supplies trashing the environment?

by Andreas Laupacis

Ines and Gloria

by Andreas Laupacis

Jennifer M

by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Mike Tierney

Hospital policies put the lives of people who inject drugs at risk, say experts

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