Why antioxidants aren’t as healthy as you think

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  • Lera-lan says:


    my name is lera-lan what is the difference between health kick smoothie then the kale smoothie

  • Vicci says:

    Now I’m really confused! In ten years there will be an article that says the opposite! Ugh!

  • Steve Roedde says:

    Well said!

    • Steve Roedde says:

      However, in the final paragraph, you cite a systematic review… of prospective cohort studies… quite possibly association not causation. RCT’s required before I would “advocate this “intervention”.


Vanessa Milne


Vanessa is a freelance health journalist and a form staff writer with Healthy Debate

Debra Bournes


Dr. Debra Bournes is the Chief Nursing Executive and Vice-President of Clinical Programs at The Ottawa Hospital.

Jeremy Petch


Jeremy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and has a PhD in Philosophy (Health Policy Ethics) from York University. He is the former managing editor of Healthy Debate and co-founded Faces of Healthcare

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