Is it true there are five types of diabetes, not two?

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  • Holly C Downs says:

    My husband has colorectal cancer and I feel that we have been lied to and that it is as bad as it is due to never having a “health team “. My husband’s large intestine blew up and we had an emergency colostomy by an out of network surgeon. The surgeon was great but our insurance jacked me around for 3 or 4 months ! I was trying to get a “follow up” appt . Finally the person I spoke to acknowledged that it was called a “continuance of care” ! I was angry but was polite as always. We finally got to see the surgeon . He recommended laparoscopic surgery for re- section. He did not know how to do it himself and was out of network and did not know any such surgeons .
    I had to go an hour away and find a “general” surgeon myself . I got no help from our insurance at all in regards to finding a surgeon . Almost a year had already been wasted ! Our PC was no help at all .
    The surgeon was not so great because she dragged on doing the surgery ! We saw her in Dec my husband started bleeding out of his rectum by March and she finally did the re-section in May !!! Needless to say it was not a re-section . Instead it was now a permanent ileostomy and colorectal cancer stage 3 or 4 with metastatic ! The recommended treatment was radiation and then chemo . The radiation went ok so far as the side effects were not bad but the doctors refused to ever say if it was any help. The chemo doctor never checked his marker or T cells at the beginning of treatment . The doctor never said anything about this cancer at all ! I am very unhappy due to lies by omission ,wasting time ,poor communication and indifference. Is there any way to get a “team”? Is my husband (59)doomed ? Is there only a couple of months left ? I just found out (almost a year later) that he had been a 2.5 the chemo has created a 5.5 marker cells . I also found out that this “doctor” never tested the blood for any markers t the beginning.


Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor is a health journalist and former Patient Navigation Advisor at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he provided advice and answered questions from patients and their families. Paul will continue to write occasional columns for Healthy Debate.

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