There’s nothing funny about leaving Indigenous voices out of the pharmacare discussion

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  • Robert Holmes says:

    This is a very racist article, a diatribe against “white” men.
    First, “white “ people are not white; they are various shades of pink to red.
    “Black” people are mostly various shades of brown, except for the Nilotic tribes of East Africa, where I worked as a doctor fifty eight years ago. The Acholi, the Karamajong, and the Iteso have much more melanin in their skin than the Bantu who live to their South.
    I worked and now live in an area with one of the highest indigenous populations in Canada.
    There are no women physicians here; they prefer to work in Vancouver and other urban centres.
    There are no indigenous or “black” doctors here.


Halima Al-Hatimy


Halima Al-Hatimy is an Ontario-based community health advocate with nearly a decade of immersive experience in Ontario’s healthcare system. Currently, she is the director of health policy and evaluation for Black Health Alliance.

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