Direct Funding means freedom for many people with disabilities. Is it accessible enough?

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  1. Melody Sylvestre

    The DF waiting list does not appear to take into account people living with time limited termiñal disabilities such as AĹS.

  2. Pharmacycenter

    To prepare for Direct Funding, I read through all the manuals available. Any questions I may have had after reading were answered by people at my Independent Living Resource Centre, who were very helpful.

  3. Ms Sande

    I think my team is prejudiced and am considering not continuing due to how they make me feel and things they say.

  4. Sal

    There is a Bookkeeping and Accounting firm called that specializes in supporting families on this program.

  5. Marie

    I need help urgently because my son is, has severe copd , severe asthma, heart problems and chrons and colitis. I’m a senior who has spent her savings keeping him alive and a roof over his head and food. I’m in a lot of debt and I have no savings for my senior years and I’m a 70 year old widow. Please let me know if I can get a grant or some monetary help. My son is 50 yrs. of age.

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