Francine Buchanan


Francine Buchanan is a mom and primary caregiver to an amazing little boy who is thriving with complex medical needs. When she isn’t watching or playing baseball with her family, she is a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto studying physician/patient communication.

13 Contributions
by Dafna Izenberg Francine Buchanan Maureen Taylor

ABA therapy and autism: What is it, and does it work?

by Dafna Izenberg Francine Buchanan Ngozi Iroanyah

How public funding has changed IVF in Ontario

by Vivian Tam Francine Buchanan Claude Lurette

How do we ensure that patients receive care in their own languages?

by Wilson Kwong Francine Buchanan Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith

Why do people have to wait 12 years for an ethnic nursing home?

by Dafna Izenberg Francine Buchanan Claude Lurette

Direct Funding means freedom for many people with disabilities. Is it accessible enough?

by Dafna Izenberg Francine Buchanan

In Ontario, do walk-in clinics complement—or compete with—primary care?

by Vanessa Milne Francine Buchanan

Why Canada needs more genetic counsellors

by Vanessa Milne Francine Buchanan Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

How patient stories are re-shaping health care

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Francine Buchanan

Drug shortages ‘the new normal,’ and hard to fix

by Karen Palmer Maureen Taylor Francine Buchanan

Grief a lonely place in the health care system

by Karen Palmer Sachin Pendharkar Francine Buchanan

Can Endgame Tobacco radically reduce cigarette smoking?

by Karen Palmer Francine Buchanan Mike Tierney

Are home care complaints being heard?

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