Do hospital innovation hubs live up to the hype?

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  1. V. Putin

    Dr. Gerhard Dashi is the man! We need more doctors writing up innovative articles like this! Shout out Zeeshan and Jeremy

  2. kathy kastner (@KathyKastner)

    Thanks for this fulsome report. As a layperson/patient partner I have often wondered if these hubs net sustainable improvements or are just another name for ‘pilot-itis’. This gives me hope for positive change – possibly even in my lifetime 🙂

    • Gerhard

      I’m very happy to hear that, Kathy. Your thoughts are echoed by many people employed within the health care field as well, hence the impetus to write this article. I’m glad you found it worthwhile.

  3. Mike Fraumeni

    Is it any wonder that patients simply become more confused with all these buzzwords, the latest I guess being “innovation hubs”. Don’t get me wrong, mixed methods of health care delivery and research and education in Canada at all levels is probably the most efficacious methodology depending on circumstances in specific geographic and speciality regions, fine, but it simply is daunting for the average patient, let alone health care professionals comes to think of it, to really make sense of it all and determine if this is “good” or “bad” for our health care system as it applies to them. Simply a dog’s breakfast out there I suppose and really brings home the message, to me, that patients need to do their own homework and be smart and ask questions and be constructively critical on what ails them if they find the “health care system” doesn’t seem to be answering their health care needs at any time.

    • Gerhard

      Thank you for your thoughts, Mike. I completely agree – the vague terminology and rapid pace of change is very confusing, for both patients and providers. Everyone should definitely do their own homework on the topics they care most about. I hope I was able to provide you with enough background information to peak your interest and encourage you to dive deeper into this topic.

      • Mike Fraumeni

        Yes, the article was well written, very interesting and certainly creates more “room for thought”. Thanks for writing this.

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