Performing CPR can save someone’s life. It can also cause you trauma.

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  1. Michael Miller

    I remember including my experiences of the realities of when you actually do cpr for the first when I taught the course.

    It was well received from the candidates.

    It would be nice to see heart and stroke beef up what is taught in their programs so people are aware and can take care of themselves after such a life altering experience such as performing CPR.

    This is one of the reasons why I have enjoyed my work with and encouraged my instructor to get involved with Odyssey medical. As it not only gives them hands on experiences, it also opens up a whole new world of opportunities to learn, cross train and share their expertise.

  2. Chris

    I believe that there should be more serpport for servilions such as myself after the traumatic event of performing CPR in my case on my father. Wich thankfully had a happy ending. But even so this did not tack away the trauma that I was subjected to that day.I felt totally overlooked and as a 19 year old was experiencing symptoms of PTSD. but in sumerie I’m not tacking anything away from the emergency services they altimatly saved my dad’s life. Wich I don’t tack for granted. I just felt the opertunity to express my opinion on the aftercare of the people how have had to experience this first hand because it is traumatic.

  3. Maryanne

    I would like to recertify but it is expired The cost is 100.00 which is too costly.

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