The risk of workplace violence for home care providers

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  • Debbie Latour says:

    I’m a PSW and all of the above is true! Time for change is seriously needed! How much longer will this go on? The people in charge to make a difference aren’t bothered to do so and that just makes me feel unappreciated and invisible to say the least!

  • Henry Borkowski says:

    Home care is a very poor way to provide the required services and is close to a fraudulent practice… in our relatives experience the worker sent is often not the same one as the time before so there’s little opportunity to learn the specific needs. Care provider company staff problems seem to be solved on the backs of the patient and any supporting family and friends… as a senior would you want to be waiting for hours for the worker who’s very late but supposed to help you get up and get dressed? As a family member who’s out of town do you want to get a phone call message from the care provider company advising they have no staff available to send that day and the patient is not responding to phone calls?… the agency having forgotten or not knowing that the patient is hard of hearing and needs that help In the morning to put in their hearing aids…. home care… a seductive myth but not deliverable as currently implemented.



    This is SHAMEFUL..

  • Carol says:

    There are many versions of unsafe home conditions……one client opened the door to the PSW
    TOTALLY NAKED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nela Karagach says:

    This is a great and timely article, however, its touched only on one spectrum of professionals who provide care in the community. There are numerous others- LIHN case coordinators, mental health case managers, and various other outreach clinicians who go to client’s home often with limited information available to them. I think that whoever initiates the referral to any of the outreach programs must include possible safety concerns (if known) with details in their referrals.
    Nela Karagach, RN BScN CPMHN (C)
    Registered Nurse, Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service
    Baycrest Health Sciences


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