Why can’t I get a virtual visit with my doctor?

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  • Abhi Mukherjee says:

    Not all situations render themselves to virtual visits. I believe that the physician is the best judge. In situations where physicians determine that physical exams are not required, they can schedule virtual visits. At the virtual visit, if the physician feels the need for a physical exam, the patient can always be called in. And hence this is an absolute win-win with no downside.

    To encourage hospitals to set up a Virtual Care wing (similar to say the Ambulatory Care or the Diagnostic Imaging wings), the Ministry should provide a funding mechanism. With wide spread adoption, costs to the system is likely to come down. Post procedure follow- ups could even be scheduled virtually by Nurse Practitioners or Allied Health workers.

    It is time we Canadians demanded this from our healthcare system. There is no justification for us not to use technology in a sphere of our lives that is of paramount importance to all.

  • Robert Weldon says:

    We are fotrunate to have a Doctor who participates in Virtual Car Visits.Best thing since sliced bread.If the Dr wants to see you they can tell you that in the visit.If not then it can be done over the comptuer,or phone I guess,in minutes.I have used it fo request of a lab req and RXs needed for travel.Still totally up to Dr if they want to see you.No down time from work,re-scheduling your day to fit in appts,waiting in Drs waiting room.And more importantly using the Drs time efficiently.We must not abuse this great service.RJW

  • Hanssen Tulia says:

    Shared! Shared! This is AWESOME stuff! Thank you!

  • Sam Shane says:

    Alright so how will it be possible for my dentist to use a 3 way syringe virtually? Cause thats the first thing they use when ever you get your teeth checked. I am a patient of and I have been dealing with tooth aches for about 2 weeks now and I have had 7 visits and every time they have used a 3 way syringe in my mouth.

  • Jason Maron says:

    A virtual visit by the doctor sounds supportive but how will a person give his/her doctor a virtual check up if he/she is facing joint pain problems. I literally had to visit all the pain management doctors in rockland county ny to get my lower back checked and in person mostly non of them were able to identify the cause. Doctor Deepak is the only doctor who was able to identify the cause and help reduce the pain. For the people facing joint issues here is the website :
    How could have Dr Deepak assisted a patient like me virtually? Some problems need to be looked at in person for the best solution.
    Thanks for the information though :)

    • helen asbury says:

      How do I set up a virtual doctor visit. Because of virus too dangerous to ho to doctor


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