Is it time to implement one national license for Canadian doctors?

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  1. Wendy Nicklin

    Excellent idea. The same should be considered for the nursing profession as well.


    I support fully the creation of National Medical Licence. It can work like this. Physician holds a clean licence in a province can apply for licence in another province after submitting an universal application (same for every province). The applicant will not require to provide any further verification of credentials. Colleges can communicate directly to seek confirmation of applicant’s registration status.
    The second licence registration fee would be half of the regular fee. Once registered, any practice related issue regarding the physician is under the full jurisdiction of province where patient resides

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  4. Michael Bolstler

    When I took my vehicle between provinces my vehicle had to be reregistered by the new province and I had to get a new driver’s license.

    In this era of self driving cars, it is only logical that my vehicle also has to get a driver’s license, which means vehicles must be able to fit through the doors of the ICBC Driver Licensing locations

    If that doesn’t seem logical, you may be suffering impairment of sense of humour, or I may be suffering from poor humours (only physicians can diagnose diseases of the humours). Either way, I would suggest you consult with a doctor, and get enough second opinions to see if it is unanimous that their lives would be better if they were licensed to practice Canada-wide. I have wished I had a family doctor since I moved to Canada over 10 years ago, and going all the way from AB to BC I still haven’t found one.

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