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Patient care at risk as Alberta refuses binding arbitration with its doctors

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  • 5am S says:

    I just found out through many visits of incompetent performances that the body responsible for listing these uneducated so called doctors accepting new patients without investigating their history. Well I dug deep into just one particular person and found out how one came to be employed as a doctor here. Not good !!! Another list of Doctors have had to go through many gruelling years of medical education plus what ever else they endured to become a professional Doctor and a stranger can waltz right in on their word and set up a medical practice. Not right or fair to our REAL DOCTORS !!! No wonder our Doctors want to discuss pay and are leaving Alberta. I stood by my younger sister ad she went through the cancer ordeal then passed 5months later, if I were to expose what I discovered with the medical procedures the world would be disgusted! The government is wise to address the doctor qualifications in this Country and adjust their incomes and status !
    The Transportation Department has rectified the Professional Driver problem after an enormous increase in accidents and deaths. What is it going to take for this situation?

  • Monica Hill says:

    Thank you for a balanced article highlighting the KEY issues here which are about engaging in sincere, good faith conversations to work together to solve the challenges of BOTH the demands of providing effective health care and the financial realities we find ourselves in currently in Alberta.

  • Dr. Ted Robinson says:

    I am just glad I am not practicing anymore!

  • Maureen Bourque says:

    Excellent article!

  • Paul Marner says:

    Who would trust any politician who has torn up negotiated contracts?
    Do not allow these dishonourable politicians to impose any new conditions, however good they appear. If they are not negotiated, they are not valid.

  • Paul Conte says:

    Excellent article. It is impossible to be ‘partners’ with the government in a healthcare system where legislation is so heavily tilted in favour of government. It all starts with the Canada Health Act (CHA) – arbitration for physicians is part of the CHA but it specifically states that any arbitration award can be legislated away by the provincial government. So…really, arbitration does not exist under such circumstances. That is why arbitration is not offered by most provinces and those who do ‘offer’ it have gone through protracted battles with medical associations to deny that ‘right’

    Add to this that physicians are not allowed to unionize, are prohibited from any form of effective ‘job action’ by their governing colleges and are effectively legislated into a dependent contractor status and you can see why provinces all over the country treat physicians so badly with impunity. Physicians, however, can quit and are still mobile…being a physician is not a life sentence under such untenable conditions. That so many of us see this as a ‘calling’ further allows the profession to accept horrible treatment that no other profession would accept under any circumstances. Government is quite comfortable calling the profession’s bluff and is counting on most physicians not acting under any threats that they put out in response to callous draconian treatment.

    I wish the physician in Alberta well in their battle with government. We in Ontario, were bloodied and bruised from 4 years of absolute war with our provincial government…we had to endure being vilified, denigrated, sidelined, devalued and marginalized. As someone who was on the frontlines of that battle for over two years, I can tell you that the among lasting casualties and scars of that war is trust…we as a profession have been too trusting for too long…and have paid for it in spades over the past 35+ years.



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