We can’t police our way through this pandemic: compliance, sanctions and contagion.

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  • Eva Cavan says:

    Well said Bill. I feel terrible for those who are homeless, and for the dreadful conditions in Nursing Homes which has led to the deaths of so many elderly people.Coming out of this terrible time I hope we can create a better society.
    The Police have a very difficult job but must tread lightly.
    Wishing you and Linda well.

    • WA Bogart says:

      Eva – Thank you! Yes. The police have a very difficult job. And,yes, they must tread lightly. We can both fight this plague and preserve civil liberties. Please stay safe! B

  • Scott Fairley says:

    These are important messages, well said. Enforcement of COVID-19 strictures with “discretionary” regard for the circumstances of the infraction is a tricky balance Prof. Bogart illuminates clearly. I am concerned, however, taking the point on its face, that the balance usually arrived at would appear unfairly prejudicial to visible minorities in our society. In the longer run, such outcomes will likely be harmful to everyone.

    • WA Bogart says:

      Scott. Thanks for the comment. I do think we need heightened vigilance regarding impact on minorities. There are notorious instances, some of which I cite, where practices which seemed neutral on their face have had disproportionately negative impact on some communities B

  • Alice Burton says:

    Always a pleasure to read your well thought out opinions. Living next to Harbourfront & the many lakeside walks & cycle paths with an assortment of racially & age diverse joggers, skateboarders & dog walkers; I am struck by the inly occasional police presence. Self distancing is usually good but not perfect. What is obvious is the total lack of coughing, sneezing or even yelling, quiet groups abound. I would, however like to see street & landscape cleaners. While other countries are spraying bleach around, our streets are full of Winter detritus with added masks, gloves, cigarette butts & dog poo bagged & unbagged.

    • WA Bogart says:

      Alice – Insightful as always! Your concern for public spaces so that they can be used in clean and healthy ways by all is so commendable. B


W.A. Bogart


W.A. Bogart is a Distinguished Professor of Law (retired), University of Windsor, and author of Off the Street: Legalizing Drugs and Regulating Obesity? Government, Society, and Questions of Health.

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