Pandemic exposes the need for mandatory palliative care training

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  • Holly Strelzik says:

    Great article. Coming from a family of doctors, it’s the younger ones that are just now understanding and practicing these skills. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

  • Carrie Batt says:

    I adored reading every word. I offer end of life care for people with a disability. After reading your article, it is very clear how people with a disability are not apart of the deathcare equation. As youclearly point out the lack of education in the basics of palliative care. To include any education on end of life care for people with a disability, I clearly see will take lifetimes to get to. Your article gave methe answers I needed. Most gratefull.

  • Martin R Chasen says:

    Super article Giovanna
    It hires home at the right place
    Well done


Giovanna Sirianni


Giovanna Sirianni is a family physician practicing in palliative care at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, a Clinician Teacher and Assistant Professor at the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto and co-host of the About Empathy podcast.

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