After the pandemic: Form good habits now to save local clinics

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  • Paul D Conte says:

    So…this is a fairly good article but I notice that you have left out another option for patients. If they do not have a family physician locally, they would be best to call a local walk-in clinic (if there are any) as opposed to calling just any website that has publicly funded virtual care options. They are pure fee-for-service and are being completely annihilated right now. Almost all of the local walk-in clinics have websites with clear virtual care instructions. The advantage that they have over websites like dialadoc.ca (whose listed clinics very much serve the greater Toronto area and some of the 905/289/365 area code region) is that they know easily know the locations of labs/diagnostic imaging facilities/hospitals/pharmacies and specialists should a referral be required.

    Again, good article but I wonder if the omission of local walk-in clinics as a possible resource for patients seeking care was intentional or not. Patient should always call their family physician first. If they do not have one or that family physician is not available, they should call a local walk-in clinic second. These will be the first clinics to disappear…likely before family physicians do. If a local walk-in clinic is not available, a website offering publicly funded virtual care could be a suitable third option


Mark Auspitz


Dr. Mark Auspitz is the co-founder of Dial-A-Doc.

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