It’s time to make Canada’s healthcare truly universal

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  • Ray Buncic MD says:

    Yes, I agree with your perspective.
    What is the next step in your thinking to make this happen. Do you have a strategy in mind that brings together elements of care planning, financing in the face of a limited budget, agreement among politicians, agreement among provinces , a practical plan document that can be used for a constructive public and political debate. Is there a study available of successful universal systems in place in other countries where practical issues have been worked out that we can learn from?

  • Erwin Malzer says:

    Absolutely, but don’t stop there. It’s time for a complete reset. Let’s design our ‘Canadian’ Medicare system to fit the realities of the 21st century. A national framework of standardized quality, coverage, access, and supported by modern digital networks. Reduce the insane levels of fragmentation & duplication and rationalize the structure, governance, and organization of the delivery system. Rebalance the provision of care through all settings of care from public health, primary care, acute care, community and LTC. It’s time.

  • Omar says:

    “These gaps are imprinted in the DNA of our country’s health system and have been for decades. To address these ingrained inequities, we need solutions that can shift our national consciousness to one that truly reflects a collective belief in health care as a human right.

    Unexpected as it is, we now have an opportunity to build a healthcare system that works for everyone. What we used to call “normal” isn’t good enough. Canada must seize this moment to build a responsive healthcare system. Migrants, refugees and uninsured people are no less deserving.”

    Thank you! Hit the nail on the head!

  • clare kenny says:

    Thank you for your amazing work and this awesome article.


Stacey Gomez


Stacey Gomez is a member of No One is Illegal – Halifax/K’jipuktuk. 

Marco Luciano


Marco Luciano is a Director of Migrante Alberta.

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