Children’s mental health at risk without immediate action

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  • Jamie says:

    This whole thing a nightmare I’m a single mom of a beautiful son who before covid was flourishing top of his class now isolated waiting for a procedure for two yrs covid hit our lives have become an isolated bubble in fear because he can barley escape cold nevermind pneumonia. Medical complexity mixed with poverty single income home equals online learning, isolation, mental health, food security. My main job is to provide shelter food love, security. Now I have to choose to keep him safe and alive. But have to quit her job deeper in poverty to make sure he doesn’t fall behind in school and for his mental health due to isolation. My work provides for us but his mental health. On the backburner hope he can do school alone plus no one at home or in his life but hey we will have a roof over our head for food to eat. Or should I send him to Schools that honestly signer students aren’t following Covid guidelines he still has his medical complexity and risk of dying if he catches Covid are very high just so he can have his mental health and socialize and not be alone all day and so I can keep my job?single parent struggle

  • Susan says:

    Well said Ben. We had to give up on online schooling because of the anxiety that was happening


Benjamin Rempel


Benjamin Rempel has served in public health management for more than 15 years. He writes about public health and social justice issues with work featured in the Toronto Star, National Observer, Healthy Debate and other outlets.

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