January warning proves prophetic as Netherlands culls 500,000 minks

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  • Jan Hajek says:

    Great article!

    COVID-19 is forcing us to reconsider our relationship with animals – and how are welfare is connected.

    In a society that recognizes the need to avoid unnecessary cruelty to animals, mink farms that keep thousands of animals in small wire-bottom cages for luxury coats have long been an ugly spot – and morally unjustifiable. The large numbers and crowding on mink farms also provide favorable conditions for viruses to spread and evolve towards more virulent forms.

    The Dutch parliament voted to ban all mink farms in the country for both public health and ethical reasons.

    Many other countries from UK to Austria to Japan have also banned mink farms. But, shockingly, mink farms in Canada receive millions of dollars of tax-payer support. And, here in British Columbia, none of the 13 mink farms have been inspected by any government of third party agency since at least 2018.

    Public health, moral, and economic arguments are converging to the same conclusion – mink farms should close and farmers should be supported in transitioning to other industries.


Madi Cyr


Madi Cyr is a Bachelor of Journalism student and former Healthy Debate intern.

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