OMA, government negotiating permanent virtual-care measures

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  • Elizabeth Rankin says:

    Your perception of this situation is bang on!
    In the 2016 publication of my book: The Patients’ Time Has Come” I devoted a chapter to just this type of care that I believe is so essential for the many reasons it is; “practicality for both patients and physicians.” The only statement I never thought to include: “it will probably take a pandemic to make virtual visits become a reality!”

    Elizabeth Rankin, BScN

  • Bukhtar Khan says:

    Thanks so much for writing this up Madi! I am currently the head of growth at We have seen over 20K patients during Covid and you can read our Facebook Reviews of how much patients love it. Covid has exposed how our patient model is flawed and needs to change from supply driven to demand driven. We strongly believe that we need to keep the phone codes, and allow for better enablement of patient care. OTN’s video feature isn’t the optimal solution, especially when our older demographic has a difficult time using their platform.

  • Darren Cargill says:

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