Words matter. What’s ‘elective’ about invasive surgeries?

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  • Najma Ahmed says:

    This is such an important piece. There really is no such thing as elective surgery for a medical diagnosis. Surgery is generally scheduled at the first available opportunity that our health system allows. In fact, like everything in medicine and surgery, delays in treatments result in worse outcomes, as does poor communication, as the author correctly points out. It is well past time to ensure that we know what we are all talking about .

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree…delays only contribute to the problem, making a person’s situation worse. I was to have my surgery April 8, but of course that was ‘cancelled’ due to Covid-19. From the very first test to today, it’s been a long haul; for a total of 20 months. I guess by the time I do get my surgery, it will be a total of TWO YEARS.
      Not good., & I’m certainly not happy about this.


Michael Multan


Dr. Michael Multan is an anatomical pathology resident at the University of British Columbia. 

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