We can’t fight pandemic with bad science

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  • Daniel.V says:

    Chapeau! Respect!
    Bine punctat!

  • Scott says:

    The (cruel) irony is that Canada / CIHR has ignored research funding into post viral illnesses, like long COVID and MEcfs. This, in spite of Canada having the highest MEcfs rates in the world.

    Why? Because the medical system told sick patients it was ‘in your head’.

    So when you write of medical misinformation, it should start with dismantling the embedded medical error of psychologizing post viral illnesses.

  • rick says:

    Would this involve having the federal government shipping a container of personal protective equipment to China or recommending that the borders need not be closed?

  • Amy Procter says:

    Love your well-reasoned advice, as usual. Keep up the good work!

  • Ronald Worton says:

    Excellent points Tim. I have been writing a few articles about viral transmission to explain the concept of exponential increase and exponential decline related to transmission rate. I circulate mainly to friends and relatives and to residents in my own condo. I don’t understand why the scientific community and the press have not put emphasis on this concept because it is at the heart of controlling transmission. I would like to be on your mailing list and will circulate your articles to others as well. Stay safe. Ron Worton


Timothy Caulfield


Timothy Caulfield is an author and Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, University of Alberta.

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