Dreams and ambitions amid a pandemic

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  • Darren Larsen says:

    I loved this story Fatema. We know so well how things are going here, but rarely get to see how other countries are handling the pandemic to contain the disease locally, but also to prevent re-introduction as much as possible.
    I also definitely appreciate your honesty about the pain you feel either having your kids with you, or leaving them behind in Kuwait. They are lucky to have such engaged parents, and the good news is that they will thrive knowing that they are loved, and in the grand scheme of their lives this will be a small blip. It will be harder on you likely! Time passes quickly when you are busy, thank goodness.
    Thank you for choosing Canada for your training. We are better as a health system for having you here. And please keep telling us about your journey! It is good for all of us.
    Be well.
    Darren Larsen, MD, CCFP, MPLc
    Chief Medical Officer, OntarioMD
    Lecturer, DFCM and IHPME (DLSPH), University of Toronto


Fatema Almousawi


Fatema Almousawi is an internal medicine resident.

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