Alberta eroding independence of key health institutions

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  • barbara breau says:

    UCP are deliberately desecrating all of Albertan’s public services via corruption; gaslighting the AB public EVERYDAY!
    For ucp, profit to large corporations ALWAYS comes before the needs of the people.
    UCP entire caucus have shown zero respect to our medical professionals.
    The health minister ripped up the doctors contract way back on February (per ucp premeditated plan).
    Are any of the AB ucp managers (ucp govt paid trolls) working without a contract (communication manager, issue managers, travel manager, talent manager etc.)? Not likely.
    ucp govt paid trolls, some with no personal investment into our province, are being treated better than our physicians!
    *** DAILY cruel and vile treatment from AB ucp govt officials is the reality in Alberta for medical professionals all across the province. Please check out @albertadoctors Alberta Medical Association on twitter for details.
    Proven information about the depth of ucp CORRUPTION is not reaching Albertans.
    FACTS MATTER. ALBERTA, let your voice be heard.
    Stand up for public health, public ed, public parks, services for our vulnerable populations.

  • Barb Germann says:

    The UCP government is not engaging with doctors as they dismantle the public system. What can be done, if anything, to mitigate the impact to citizens?

  • Denise Bradley says:

    This is shameful and disgraceful , imagine reporting to a minister of health who has shown repeatedly that he has no respect for the medical profession . He has demonstated that he has not capababilty , nor professional conduct to be able have the confidence if the Physicians to whom himself and his Government clearly wish to control . I do hope the powers that be challenge this to the highest level of the law .

  • Kim Siever says:

    Thanks for the link!

  • kathleen stansfield says:

    This is similiar if not the same as the way the UK Govt has devolved its responsibilities for public health care and how it has undermined the NHS by removing the care of the elderly to the private sector with some appalling results to the most vulnerable people.
    Outsourcing many services has created problems .
    It is wrong
    A system of life long tax for medical care and old age care should be imposed and the pot kept for that purpose alone…not used for benefits


Ubaka Ogbogu


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