People with disabilities excluded from re-opening plans, advocates warn

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  • judy says:

    Also,being lucky enough to be able to drive places, and using a walker to get around, Accessible parking spaces
    are being greatly minimized as on Danforth Ave. We need some designated spaces on shopping streets.

  • Dian Hauoli says:

    I am a disabled senior living rurally. The $600 dollars given by the Federal Government is a joke. Many seniors are not even eligible! This at at time when the government is planning to spend 10 million taxpayer dollars to fix up Harrington Lake, the Premier’s summer cottage! What a travesty! I have written to every level of government about this and just get the same old tired rhetoric in reply. Politicians need to come down from their ivory towers. The money given to United Way only reaches cities and urban areas, not rural marginalized seniors. Government does not care.
    We are angry and we vote. Not one government official has stood up to make sure that the poorest of the poor get what they need in this time of covid. But THEY are not suffering!

  • Marc Mullo says:

    There is NO discussion here regarding people with mental disabilities like myself, it’s not only autism, there are many other forms of mental/invisible disabilities as well, e.g. anxiety, depression, grief, loss, etc. The Ford government has got to start doing a better job of advocating and looking out for ALL Ontarians, thank you, bye for now. P.S. The social assistance programs in this province are still a mess as well, and the Premier is not addressing this issue either, at least not since cancelling the 2018 basic income pilot project. The Conservatives will NOT get my vote in 2022 if these lacks/lapses of efforts continue to go on!!!!!


Tebasum Durrani


Tebasum Durrani is a Toronto-based lawyer in and a Global Journalism Fellow at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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