Is an apple a day really good for you? Deciphering what’s healthy and what’s not

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  • Lauren Robison says:

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  • Tommy Nilsson says:

    So, is an apple a day good or not? The title asks the question but the text does not provide and answer.

  • B says:

    I like how reasonable this article is! One thing that I think should also be discussed is which type of water is healthiest, if we’re evaluating common myths. Lots of people think Tap water is acceptable, but its proven time and time again that it isn’t trustworthy, especially in certain areas, unfortunately.
    We’re from Toronto and stand by spring water 100%. We made the switch, going exclusively with Cedar Springs, and its been incredibly beneficial to our health and how we feel.


Ambika Tejpal


Ambika Tejpal is an internal medicine resident at the University of Toronto. Her interests include cardiovascular health, health advocacy and medical education.

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