It took moms to hack the COVID quacks

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  1. Ingrid Bergman

    Action Plan:

    1. Join the Original Quack Hacks.
    2. Invest time, resources, and creativity.
    3. Always remember why everyone is needed to (a) Identify and (b) Confront Pseudoscience

    Thank you, Anne and fellow Moms!!!
    I will continue to watch for and confront pseudoscience.
    We are all needed in this fight.

  2. Bruce Tompkins

    Hi Anne,

    Some questions for you:

    Do you know that MMS (chlorine dioxide, Cl02) is not bleach (bleach is NaCl0). It is very safe to inject at low doses.

    Is Kerri Rivera lying when she says that MMS has helped reduce or resolve autism for 559 children?

    Chlorine dioxide was successfully used as an adjunct for cancer treatment in France for a patient with pancreatic cancer.

    Researcher Andreas Kalcker explains that chlorine dioxide has been proven effective on the SARS coronavirus and the coronavirus family in general, in human coronavirus and in animals. He explains that chlorine dioxide would also be effective against COVID-19. He states that there is not a clinically proven death by chlorine dioxide even at high doses from oral ingestion.

    Over 100 COVID-19 patients recovered when using chlorine dioxide by physicians of AEMEMI in Ecuador.

    Best regards, Bruce

    • Suz

      Hi Bruce,

      I have a Master’s of Science in Chemistry and am currently halfway through the research project I’m conducting for my PhD in Chemistry (meaning all of my course work is complete).

      Which means I am well qualified to tell you that you are completely full of shit. You should also invest whatever money you can beg borrow or steal in acquiring a tractor strong enough to pull your head out of your ass before you hurt or kill someone from the gross stupidity you’ve displayed in your comment.

      • Clayton C Hubert

        Your a pschyo. Please bring some science to the debate ..not non sensible anger.

      • Diane v

        Who cares if you have a Master’s of Science in Chemistry! The US fucking brainwashes people. Big pharma is the biggest evil shit hole! They have cures they don’t want them to come out! MMS works, we would save lots of lives with it. But guess what they want people to get sick and die. It’s all about population control and money. Fuck all you guys that say it’s a “bleach” I would’ve been dead already and I almost died with an antibiotic something MMS would never do.

  3. Clayton C Hubert

    mms works. I used it to cure my genital herpes. Which is supposedly incurable.

  4. Sarah

    I’d like Anne to respond to Bruce. I’ve seen the same research, which is compelling. I have a further question — what efforts is Anne making against the pseudoscience propelling the fast-tracking of a vaccine for Covid-19?

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