Redefining our ‘medieval’ medical education

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  • Wisdom Policy says:

    Pretty amazed! Great Post!

  • Georgina Z says:

    What a wonderful, well-written piece! The justaposition between medical education during medieval times (where an instructor would read aloud from an original text) and the potential for change via a paradigm shift in this “blank state” post-COVID era, whether it be a true “flipped classroom”, via guest speakers, or completely recreating in-person learning online is truly something to think about.


Brandon Tang


Brandon Tang is a fifth-year General Internal Medicine subspecialty resident physician at the University of Toronto. Throughout his training, he has been engaged in education leadership and advocacy, including serving as Chief Resident for the International Conference on Residency Education and a deputy editor at Healthy Debate. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in medical education through Harvard Medical School. You can follow Brandon on Twitter at @DrBrandonTang.

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